• Maestro

    The Ronald W. LaMar Memorial Scholarship Concert is a way for the Central Bucks School District Music Department to honor their friend and colleague, as well as keep his memory alive within our musical community.  One of Mr. LaMar's dreams was to have an "all-star" ensemble made up of the best high school musicians in the Central Bucks School District.  When a concert format was being discussed, the music faculty decided that putting together such groups for this concert would be the ideal way to honor Mr. LaMar.  With that was born the Central Bucks All-Star Jazz Ensemble, Choir, String Ensemble and Wind Ensemble.
    The personnel of each group is decided upon by the high school directors, and each ensemble rehearses several times prior to the concert to prepare.  Conductors for each group differ from year to year, with various music educators (both within and from outside Central Bucks) volunteering their time to lead the ensemble.  Each year there are also several special performances by individuals and ensembles who either knew Mr. LaMar personally or were affected by his love and kindness.  The result is an afternoon exhilarating musical performances that we know would make Mr. LaMar proud. 

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