• 2022 PMEA District 11, Region 6 Orchestra, and All-State Festivals


    District 11 Orchestra Festival
    Audition: Saturday, 12/11/21 via Submittable
    Festival: Friday, 1/14/22 
    The audition is in three parts; scales, solo, and sight-reading. Please prepare the audition requirements with your private teacher and let Mrs. Tosti know if you are planning on audition. Please be sure to order the correct edition of the solo piece. Alternate editions and/or photocopies are not permitted at the audition. I would recommend purchasing music from sheetmusicplus.com or sharmusic.com
    2022 NAFME All-National Orchestra Festival
    Festival: Saturday, 1/22- Monday, 1/24/22
    Auditions via Submittable and due by 9/15

    2022 PMEA Region 6 Orchestra Festival


    Festival: Friday, 2/25/22


    2022 PMEA All- State Festival


    Festival: Thursday, 4/6- Sunday, 4/9/22