• Second Chance Learning Guidelines Science

    -Learning to Proficiency- 

    Second chance learning is a strategy which provides additional opportunities to learn and demonstrate what a student knows and can do when assessments indicate that the essential knowledge or skills have not been demonstrated.   The intent is for students to learn the content.  Every effort will be made to allow students the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts and skills of this class. Second Chance Learning will NOT be accepted within 2 days of when report card grades are due.   Second Chance Learning is NOT meant to be used as a regular practice by a student or as a substitute for effort. 


    Students scoring below a 70% on a test or performance assessment will have the opportunity to have a second chance.  Second chances are not permitted for unit exams, minor quizzes, labs, homework, or classroom activities.

    To get a second chance, the student must:

    1. See the science teacher outside of class to request a retake date andsee the teacher at resource for a review session.  Request for a second chance must be made within three days of receiving your grade and must be completed in a timely fashion (before the next major assessment is given).
    2. Study at home for a re-test and/orcomplete make-up assignment (see reverse side of paper)
    3. Report again to the science teacher on the scheduled date and re-take the assessment or alternative assessment.

    To identify gaps in learning, students MUST return:

    1. A completed reflection form
    2. Provide evidence that they have completed their “Plan of Action”
    3. The original assignment attached. **Students who are completing a retake for a test must make corrections to the original test that are written out in complete sentences on a separate piece of paper.



     Second Chance Learning Worksheet/ Reflection Form