Developmental Swim Team
    ***Teams are closed for 2017-18. 2018-19 information will be posted by June.***

    The Developmental Swim Team is available for swimmers who are interested in joining a swim team but are not yet ready for full participation with SWAC or CBAC. The developmental team is appropriate for swimmers 7 years of age or older* who are not yet at the competitive level but with a little more knowledge of starts, strokes, turns and techniques would be ready to join the team.~ In order to join the developmental team swimmers must have a good knowledge of freestyle and backstroke. It is also beneficial if swimmers have some knowledge of butterfly and breaststroke, however, swimmers with limited knowledge of these strokes (particularly younger swimmers) may also be ready for the developmental team. Please click here for more information about required skills. 

    *If your 6-year-old child meets the criteria for developmental team/clinics listed at the "required skills" link above and would like to participate, email Jennifer Steinberg at jsteinberg@cbsd.org to explore the possibility of an evaluation. 

    Developmental team swimmers have three practices available each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at CB South and Fridays at CB East, and will be included in meets if the coaching staff determines that they are ready. Practices begin the second week of October. Developmental team members who are ready for meets will compete with CBAC or SWAC depending on where they live. (CBAC for students districted to CB East High School and the non-CB surrounding areas. SWAC for students districted to CB West or CB South High Schools and the non-CB surrounding areas.)

    ~After roughly a month of practice, developmental team members who are ready to move to full team participation will be invited to pay an additional fee and join the team. Developmental team members not ready to join the team at that time will remain on the developmental team for the duration of the season and are encouraged to participate in our clinics and a summer club team before being evaluated for team placement again next fall.
    Age is determined as of October 31st of the current year. 
    For more information about the teams please follow the links at left.

    Team Policies

    The following policies are required of all USAS teams. Though CBAC and SWAC are not members of USAS many of its policies and procedures are observed by all CB Aquatic teams, including the developmental team. All members are responsible to adhere to the policies of the Central Bucks School District, Central Bucks Aquatics, parent handbook (located on CBAC/SWAC team sites), and any other procedural or policy statements received via email throughout the season.

    By joining the developmental team you agree to be aware of and adhere to the above and the following policies:

    CB Aquatics Communications Policy

    CB Aquatics Locker Room Monitoring Policy

    CB Aquatics Action Plan to Address Bullying

    Registration for the upcoming season occurs at evaluations. Your registration is not complete until we have received your required Developmental Team paperwork, your CB Aquatics payment, and your Parent Association check at evaluations and you have registered online AFTER evaluations per instructions that will be provided.
    Fall Developmental Swim Team Fees

    $325 check (payable to CBCS) / $345 credit card
    Multiple child discounts available. Please contact Jennifer Steinberg for details. jsteinberg@cbsd.org
    All developmental team swimmers also pay a separate Parents Association fee of
    $40 for the first child and $25 for each additional child (payable to CBAC or SWAC).
    Out of district residents pay a yearly out of district fee of $50 per family to participate when registering at evaluations. (include with CBCS check)
    Click here to review the CB Aquatic return check and refund policy.

    Date: September 17, 2017.
    Location: CB South High School 
    Click here to sign-up for an evaluation.
    Note that evaluations will involve swimming several laps and swimmers will be asked to show what they are able to swim for each of the four competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly).
    If the evaluation sign-up is full or you've missed evaluations, email Jennifer Steinberg (jsteinberg@cbsd.org) to find out if space remains available and note that after the evaluation date there will be a non-refundable $100 late fee if space is available and your swimmer is evaluated as qualified to participate with the team. Note that late registration may not be possible. If late registration is possible, no late registrations will be allowed after October 13th.  
    ***Do not come to evaluations without being signed-up as we will not be able to evaluate your swimmer.***
    Please consider the pre-team clinic. While swimmers are not required to participate in the pre-team clinic to participate in the developmental team, we often find (especially with the younger swimmers) that being out of the water for two months (from when their summer club team ends until our evaluations) causes them to not be evaluated as ready for the winter team. See pre-team clinic information here.  
    A nonrefundable late fee of $100 per family will be assessed for anyone who makes contact after the evaluation date and is given an evaluation resulting in an invitation to join the developmental team. Note that it may be the case that late registration is not possible at all and that no later registrations will be allowed after October 13th. 

    Does my child need to be fast to qualify for the developmental team? No, we consider a swimmer's swimming technique more important than speed. However, swimmers need to have the endurance to complete a practice. Speed will come with time.

    Required Developmental Team Member Paperwork

    Physical form information:
    • Physical form must be dated 10-1-2015 or after for the 2017-2018 season.
    • Physical form must be signed by the swimmer's doctor.
    • The links to the physical forms above are for your use should you need them, however, any correctly dated, doctor-signed form will be accepted.
    • Our programs require a new physical form each fall (even if the one you provided in the prior year is not out-of-date).
    • Always keep a copy of your physical form for your records and for your use with this and other programs in the future.
    Please click here for CB Aquatics FAQ document. 
    For additional questions, email Jennifer Steinberg at jsteinberg@cbsd.org