Shakespeare Scavenger Hunt (15 pts.)

  • Now that you have watched Shakespeare's Biography, I am sure that you want to learn more about the man, the myth, The Bard!

    Step 1:

    Choose a partner that you know you work well with, or do this assignment individually. Your choice :)

    Step 2:

    Read each prompt in the scavenger hunt below and use the list of approved websites, along with the knowledge you gained from the video, to look for answers. Be careful about relying too heavily upon one site! Try double checking your answers by comparing and contrasting information between sites. Make sure that you cite your sources. I expect complete sentences and that both partners have a copy of their work.

    Step 3:

     PRINT OUT & TURN IN completed Scavenger Hunt first thing on Tuesday! (-2 PTS/DAY LATE  &  AFTER 3 DAYS LATE, IT'S A ZERO)



    Shakespearean Scavenger Hunt

    1. In which year was Shakespeare born?
    2. Where was he born?
    3. What is the inscription on Shakespeare’s gravestone?
    4. How many plays did Shakespeare write?
    5. How many sonnets did Shakespeare write?
    6. Did Shakespeare ever marry? What’s the story?
    7. Did he have children?
    8. Who performed most of Shakespeare’s female roles?
    9. What is the name of Shakespeare’s acting company?
    10. Give THREE facts about the Globe Theater.
    11. For which royalty were some of Shakespeare’s plays performed?
    12. Did Shakespeare make money off of his work?
    13. Where and when did Shakespeare die?
    14. Find two pictures of clothing during the Elizabethan Period. What do you notice?
    15. What is Shakespeare's connection to James I? Any idea why this connection might be important?