• Emily Guthier and Jennifer Oliverie
    Our latest Honorary Warwick Bears are Emily Guthier and Jennifer Oliverie. Both girls were students at Warwick from 1999-2006, and they will be graduating from Central Bucks East this June. They are outstanding examples of Warwick’s four themes of Responsibility, Respect, Cooperation and Excellence.
    Emily will be continuing her education at the University of Pennsylvania, playing field hockey and majoring in English with the hopes of also studying pre-med and then helping others as a physician.
    Jennifer will be going to the Honors and Business programs at Penn State University with the hopes of continuing on to law school.
    They both fondly remember their years at Warwick, and especially value the friendships that they made here.
    Emily and Jennifer’s message to our students was to continually challenge themselves, to try things that might be hard for them to do, to enjoy the time that they have at Warwick and to have fun with their friends.
    Mrs. Leonard and Mrs. Hemphill

    These two ladies, who are also parents in our building, organized an after school program for the past three years that touched, and changed the lives of, 225 Warwick Elementary Students, who, collectively, just last year alone, ran 2,700 miles – that’s like running from Warwick Elementary all the way across the United States to Los Angeles, California! And they accomplished all of this by organizing a running program that was put together to fight childhood obesity, which is on the rise - and encouraging kids to be more active during the colder months and to get out there with a family member and run.
    Mrs. Leonard lives here in Jamison, PA, and has for the past 9 years. Her son Teddy attended Warwick a few years ago and is now in 8th grade at Holicong. Her son Nicholas is in 1st grade here at Warwick. She loves to ski, play tennis, run, and work out. Mrs. Leonard owns an advertising agency, and also helps her husband run their Fitness Equipment Company. Her message to you is to give the running program a try. It’s a great way to get up and be active, get out there and run and have fun while doing it, make some new friends, and eat some orange slices. You CAN do it!
    Mrs. Hemphill also lives here in Jamison, PA and has for the past 9 years. Her son Liam is in 6th grade, and Matthew in 4th grade. She enjoys skiing and exercising. She works as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at Buckingham Pediatrics and offers healthcare for children in our community from ages 0- 21. Her message to you: Taking care of your body is so important for health. I hope we inspired some of you to keep active and to eat healthy for life. It was such an honor to be your coach and see how you all worked hard towards the goals that you set for yourself. Remember you can do anything if you put your mind to it.
    Mrs. Jill Russo
    Ms. Russo lives in Jamison, Pa and has for the last 11 years. She has a grown son name Anthony Michael a friend name Ray. Their family also has 5 dogs, 4 of which are Japanese Chins (the other a dalmation), 1 cat, and 2 horses. Ms. Russo loves to spend time with her family, travel, ride her horses, ride on her 4 wheel ATVs, tool around on her Harley Davidson motorcycle and go to church.
    Ms. Russo is Warwick’s crossing guard and helps many of our students and families that walk or ride their bikes to school cross Almshouse Rd. safely. She also works with all of the traffic on Almshouse to make sure they’re traveling at a safe speed past our school. Ms. Russo has been our crossing guard for three years and we are very thankful to have her.
    Her message to the students was this: Be safe, be responsible for what you do, try hard and ask questions if you don’t understand. Be helpful, have respect for yourself and others. She wanted you to know that the students at Warwick are kind-hearted and always give her the utmost respect. She wanted to thank you for making her job great each and every day!
    Warwick, please join me in thanking Ms. Russo for working cooperatively and responsibly to ensure that we’re able to and from school safely each day. She has certainly earned our Honorary Warwick Bear Award.