• Class rewards
    Compliment Party 
          When we have received 24 compliments from our specials teachers, the cafeteria, or walking in the halls quietly, we will have some free time and have a choice party!
    Whiton Winners
    Individuals and table groups may receive Whiton Winners for working quietly, going above and beyond on an assignment, helping a friend, etc. ~ every 3 weeks winners are chosen for a special lunch and treat
    Bucket Slips
    Classmates can recognize each other for caring deeds noticed in the classroom, lunch, or recess and give a bucket slip and share them at our morning meeting.  We have saved our slips and are collecting them!
    Friday Fun Day 
    We earn this when we have shown Mrs. Whiton that we are helpful and respectful towards one another and towards all teachers.   We can have some extra time to play games or have extra recess. We have to earn 3 green light days per week to achieve this. (Each day we can either get on green, yellow, or red). Red immediately disqualifies Friday Fun Day.