• Unit 4 - World War I: Cause and Effect (World Wars and Revolutions 1910-1955)
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      A Flawed Peace 
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    Enduring Understandings

    Essential Questions

    Students Will be Able to:

    1.  Nationalism, imperialism, militarism, and alliances propelled the industrialized nations into a devastating world war.

    2.  Advancement of technology changed the nature of global conflict and cooperation.

    3.  Cooperation among nations may not necessarily be fair for all parties.



    1.  When, if ever, should people go to war?

    3.  Did the advancement of military technology lead to the devaluation of human life in war?


    Guiding Questions: Was World War I inevitable?

    Could a peace treaty based on Wilson’s 14 points have prevented World War II?

    Did the Treaty of Versailles end The Great War or just postpone its continuation?


    1.  Explain the main causes of World War I.

    2.  Analyze how the Treaty of Versailles contributed to future conflict.

    3.  Describe the impact of military technology on both war and the view of war.

    4.  Use a map to illustrate the new boundaries created by the settlement of World War I.