• Math  

     accelerated 5th grade math

    Freckle can be used to practice skills

    Ed your Friend in Learning has games to practice the chapter skills


    First Trimester

    Chapter 1

    • numbers to 10,000,000
    • multiplyig by tens, hundreds, thousands, and powers of 10
    • dviding by tens, hundreds, thousands
    • multiplying abd dividig by 2-digit numbers fluently
    • order of operations 
    • solving real-world problems with the four operations of whole numbers

    Chapter 2

    • fractitons, mixed numbers and division expressions
    • adding unlike fractions and mixed numbers
    • subtracting unlike fractions and mixed numbers
    • real-world problems with fractions and mixed numbers

    Chapter 3

    • multiplying fractions and whole numbers
    • multiplying proper fractions
    • multiplying improper fractions
    • multiplying mixed numbers and whole numbers
    • Real-world problems with multiplying fractions