• Unit 1
    Rationalizing a Fraction within a Cube Root
    Simplifying a Complex Fraction with Imaginary Numbers 
    Writing an Expression with Rational Exponents as a Radical Expression
    Unit 2 
    Solving a Quadratic by Completing the Square 
    Solving a Quadratic Using the Quadratic Formula 
    Writing a Standard Form Quadratic in Vertex Form 
    Writing an Intercept Form Quadratic in Vertex Form 
    Writing a Quadratic Equation in Standard Form Given the Vertex and a Point 
    Unit 4
    Write an Equation from a Graph, Listing Transformations, Domain, and Range
    Piecewise Matching Practice 
    Unit 5
    Polynomial Long Division
    Unit 6
    Graphing and Listing Discontinuities for a Rational Function (Hole, VA, HA, no SA)
    Graphing and Listing Discontinuities for a Rational Function (Hole, VA, SA, no HA)
    Unit 7
    Solving an Exponential Equation by Using Logarithms on Both Sides