• Chapter 3  
    Subtraction Picture
    Subtraction Within 10,000
          In Chapter 3, students will learn how to subtract up to two 4-digit numbers with and without regrouping using base-ten blocks and the vertical algorithm.  Students review subtraction involving 3-digit numbers first to work on their fluency.  Students will then subtract greater numbers involving the thousands place.  Students will realize that the same strategies of subtracting from right to left apply, and that regrouping of thousands is the same as the regrouping of hundreds, tens, and ones, because of our base-ten system.  1 hundred = 10 tens and 1 thousand = 10 hundreds.  The subtraction algorithm is used to find the difference between two 4-digit numbers and the strategies can be applied to real-world problems involving subtraction.  The inverse relationship between addition and subtraction is revisited as students are reminded to check their answers using addition or estimation to check its reasonableness.
    Chapter 3 has three main areas of focus: 
    • Mental Subtraction
    • Subtraction with and Without Regrouping
    • Real-World Subtraction Problems
     Here are some websites that may help reinforce some concepts we are learning in class: