• Phases of the Moon WebQuest



    The Moon changes shape every day. Sometimes you can see only part of the Moon. Other times, you can see the entire Moon. Why does this happen?

    The purpose of this WebQuest is to help you learn why we see phases of the Moon.


    Your task is to explain why the Moon changes appearance throughout the month. You will complete six tasks.  Use your worksheet to record what you learn.   It will help you understand why the Moon's appearance changes.

    Task 1:

    You will...

    1.  Draw the eight Moon phases.

    2.  Write the correct name of these phases.


    Use the following websites to complete Task 1:


    How Do the Phases Get Their Names?

    Phases of the Moon

    Phases of the Moon – What Can You See Tonight?

    Task 2:

    You will...

    1. Define: Waxing, Waning, Gibbous Moon, and Crescent Moon.
    2. Identify which phases are waxing and waning in the chart.



    Use the following website to complete Task 2:

    Phases of the Moon Terms You Should Know and Use

    Task 3:
    You will...
    1.  Highlight the appropriate days as stated on your worksheet.
    2.  Complete the questions below the Lunar Month Calendar.


    No website used for this task. 

    Task 4: 


    You will...
    1.  Draw a picture and name the Moon phase on the day you were born.
    2.  Draw a picture and name the Moon phase on your birthday in 2016. 

    Use the following website to complete Task 4:

    Task 5:


    You will...
    1. Identify each Moon phase.
    2.  Draw a picture of the correct Moon phase AS SEEN FROM EARTH. 

    Use the following website to complete Task 5:

    Moon Phase Animation

    Task 6:

    For Task Six, you will take a, phases of the Moon quiz. You must score seven or higher to pass.

    To take the quiz, go to the The Phaser Quiz  Complete the quiz. When you get a score of eight or higher, raise your hand and your teacher will initial your worksheet.

    If you have time, complete the Lunar Cycle Challenge.  If you and your partner complete levels 1,2 and 3, I will give you .50 Nagle Cash!