• Second Chance Learning 

    It is my goal for all students to hand in their art projects and assignments within a timely manner. I do understand that some students require extra time to complete an assignment for various reasons. Detail orientated and hard-working students will always be allowed extra time (resource and at home) to complete projects beyond the due date and for full credit. Mrs. Kerins will accept late assignments, missing work, or improved/resubmitted projects for full credit, if a student meets the criteria below:
    • Student works to the best of his/her ability during class time on days he/she is present.
    • Student uses resource time to make up missed/late/incomplete work.
    • Student works on the project at home if he/she can’t make resource time.
    • All work is submitted 1 week prior to the end of the current marking period.

    Mrs. Kerins will not accept assignments from students who:

    • Repeatedly fail to report to resource to make up work.
    • Take work home to complete and do not do so.
    • Continuously do not use time wisely during art class.