• Parent Positive


    The Central Bucks School District is proud to collaborate with our community partners in hosting a parent speaker series. 
    The goal of Parent Positive is to create a venue for community conversations around relevant parenting issues.  Parent positive is a collaboration between the CB Cares Educational Foundation, Doylestown Health, The Central Bucks Family YMCA, and the Central Bucks School District.
    All sessions are free to the community and are held in the Lenape Middle School Auditorium at 7:00 pm. 
    October 6, 2016
    Creating a Culture of Kindness
    Ms. Christa Tinari
    November 1, 2016
    Documentary: Screenagers: Growing Up in a Digital Age
    February 1, 2017
    Dr. Jay Stone, Doylestown Health
    March 11, 2017
    Dr. Robert Brooks, Harvard Faculty 
    Dr. Brooks will describe factors that help families to experience greater warmth and respect. He will discuss the importance of (a) practicing empathy in order to understand and respond to each family member, (b) changing “negative scripts,” (c) establishing realistic expectations and goals, (d) becoming a charitable family, (e) disciplining in ways that promote self-discipline rather than resentment, and (f) helping each family member to feel special and appreciated.