Second grade is a continual learning experience, with each day’s learning built on the day before. So, it is imperative that your child be here when he/she can. Please try to schedule doctor and dentist appointments when your child is not in school.  If your child must be absent; be sure to send an email to me  (lrodgers@cbsd.org) and fill out the form on the parent portal.

    • Parents and guardians will be able to submit absence requests via the Parent Portal. Parents can request a full day absence, early dismissal, or late arrival.
    • Absence requests will be reviewed by school attendance staff and approved or denied.
    • Requests made using the parent portal will also serve as the excuse for the absence. Parents will not be required to submit an excuse either electronic or written.
    • Parents and guardians can also still call the school to report an absence, but emails will no longer be accepted. 

    In addition, when a student is absent from school, but the school did not receive communication from the parent or guardian, the following communication will be sent: 

    • A text message will be sent midmorning notifying the parent or guardian of the absence
    • An email will also be sent at the end of the school day reminding the parent or guardian that the student was marked absent.

    Information regarding how to use the Parent Portal to report an absence can be found here

    Vacation Requests