• This page includes a series of screencasts to show you how you can create your own Sways.  
    • It is still under construction with more screencasts to follow. 
    • The following screencasts will give you some ideas about what you can do with Sway, how to embed items, add and group pictures/video, and create graphs.  
    • Sharing your sway and setting up a private webpage on your schoolwires account will be added in the near future.
     Getting Started:
     The following screencast shows how to navigate in sway, design your sway, and add a title page, headings, and text.
    Adding Pictures and Video to Your Sway:
    The following video explains how to add pictures and video to your Sway.  The ability to upload your own video is not available for Sway as of yet.  To work around this, you can upload your own videos to YouTube and then embed them into your Sway
    Adding Charts to your Sway:
    This screencast focuses on how to make charts in your Sway