• Unit 3 : Heroes
    kid detectives
       In Unit 3, students will be focusing on texts to learn about the qualities that make a hero, how heroes affect the lives of others, and why heroes are important. Students will read a variety of genres, as each author approaches the theme differently.  Each week students will address one essential Focus Question related to the Unit Theme: Heroes.  At the end of this unit, the students will be able to answer the Theme Question: What makes a hero?
    Focus Questions:
       Week 1: What qualities do we see in heroes?
       Week 2: How can a hero's actions affect other people?
       Week 3: How do challenges turn ordinary people into heroes?
       Week 4: Why do people need heroes?
       Week 5: What kinds of actions can be heroic?
      Theme Vocabulary:
          Week 1: encourage, defeat, distinguish, achieve, command
          Week 2: ancient, environment
          Week 3: enormous, clue
          Week 4: Review of words