• Unit 2
    kid scientist  
     In Unit 2, students will be reading Informational Texts, Realistic Fiction, and Persuasive texts.  Each week students will address one essential Essential Focus Question related to the Unit Theme: Interactions.  At the end of this unit, the students will be able to answer the Theme Question: How do plants and animals live together?
    Focus Questions:
       Week 1: How do patterns in nature help plants and animals?
       Week 2: How do living things in a habitat support one another?
       Week 3: How can a chain of events affect plants and animals?
       Week 4: How does reintroduction of a species affect plants and animals in a habitat?
       Week 5: Why is it important for plants and animals to depend on each other?
      Theme Vocabulary:
          Week 1: associate, prefer, investigate, avoid, nature, patterns, repeat, sequence, symmetry
          Week 2: connect, favor, research, dodge, predators, protection, immune, species, emerges
          Week 3: prefer, features, investigate, avoid, depended, well-being, population, available, balance
          Week 4: prefer, investigate, features, associate, habitat, solitary, multiplied
        Week 5: prefer, investigate, features, avoid, associate, food chain, interdependence, camouflage, adaptations,          biodiversity
    At the end of the unit, students will get the chance to apply what they've learned about interactions in the Week 6 Project: Make Note of It!