• chapter 1  
    Base ten blocks
    Numbers to 10,000
          In this chapter, students will learn how to count, read and write numbers up to 10,000.  Base-ten blocks are used to devlop the association between the physical representation of the number, the number symbol and the number-word.  Base-ten blocks are especially useful in helping students to count on from a given number by ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands.
         Students are shown concrete representations with place-value charts and strips showing thousands, hundres, tens, and ones for numbers to 10,000.  Given any 4-digit number, students will identify the place value of each digit in the number, and express the number in standard, word, and expanded forms.  Students will also show their understanding of place value by determining the value of a given digit within a 4-digit number.  Students are encouraged to compare and verbally describe sets of numbers using the terms least and greatest and their accompanying symbols, < and >.  Using these skills, they will write numbers in increasing and decreasing order.  Students will apply the number and place value concepts to identify and complete number patterns and find the missing numbers on a number line.
          Finally, students will use thier understanding of place value to round numbers to the nearest ten or hundred.  Students will use visuals such as a number line to identify the closest number and determine the rounding rules.
         Number sense lays the foundation for any math skill. Students will use the skills learned in this chapter to perform all four operations.  As students engage in the real world, their understanding of place value and numbers will help them to estimate and use operations in daily activties.
    Key Learning Objectives: 
    • Counting to 10,000 and Place Value
    • Comparing and Ordering Numbers
    • Rounding Numbers to the Nearest Ten or Hundred
    • To give equivalent names for numbers

    Here are a few games to coincide with our unit:

     Half Court Rounding

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