6th Grade Assessment

  • Mission Statement

    The Central Bucks School District’s Sixth Grade Assessment is an authentic school-based experience for sixth grade students to demonstrate their competencies with time management, research skills, expository writing, technological resources, and live audience presentation.


    What Happens During the Assessment?


    Presearch and Question Development

    The students explore topics related to the K-6 Central Bucks School District curriculum and locate resources that can be used to research the topics. After selecting one (or two) topics, the students develop researchable questions.

     5-10 School Days

    (During January, February, or March)

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    The students spend time in the library researching, using graphic organizers, and taking notes in order to write a research paper that answers their research question.
    Process Rubric
    The students use the writing process (drafting, revising and editing, and publishing) to produce a word processed research paper that is scored by at least two educators.
    Written Rubric
    The students create a multimedia visual which they use during a presentation to at least two adult educators.​
    Presentation Rubric
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