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    Central Bucks Diving
    ***Please check back at the end of July 2020 for information about the 2020-21 season.***

    Central Bucks Aquatics offers an age-group swim and dive team for community swimmers and divers. The team is part of the Suburban Aquatic League (known as the SAL) which is a dual meet league comprised of over 20 teams in the Pennsylvania suburbs of Philadelphia. The diving team is known as Central Bucks Diving (CB Diving) and is part of the Central Bucks Swim Team (CBST-SAL). Students districted to Central Bucks School District (CBSD) and those divers who live in the communities surrounding CBSD may join Central Bucks Diving.
    Practices and Meets

    Members of the dive team generally have practice available three weeknights, October through late January or early February, at CB South High School. Attending all practices is not required - divers are encouraged to attend two or three nights per week. The coaches understand that divers have other commitments so if they cannot make practice twice per week on occasion that is fine. If they routinely find themselves in that situation, however, they are likely to not progress as they would like. Fees cannot be prorated due to attendance. Dual meets, meets in which two teams compete against each other, are held on Friday evenings or (more often) on Saturday mid-morning/early afternoons. There are typically seven dual meets each season throughout the months of November, December, and January.
     Divers in the SAL also have access to a few invitational meets (meets with several teams during which divers compete on an individual, rather than team, basis) which are usually held on Sundays. Parents should be prepared to volunteer at each meet their diver attends.Divers should wear a one-piece racing suit (not a fashion suit or swim shorts). A swim cap may be worn if desired and may be necessary for divers with long hair. Goggles are typically not used as they can impede the diver's vision while on the board and usually come off upon entry into the water.

    A pre-team is available to divers who attend tryouts and are found to be "close" to being ready to join the team.  Pre-team members practice with team members starting in October through the first week of November when meets start.  If a pre-team participant is ready to compete with the team at the end of that time, they are asked to join the team the week before our first meet.  Pre-team fees are then deducted from the team costs and particpants pay the difference.  If a pre-teamer is still not ready to join the team we offer a clinic in the spring and encourage everyone to participate in any of the area's summer clubs that offer diving, hoping that they will then be ready to join our team the following season.

    CB Diving members pay a program fee to the CB Community School for the program and a participation fee to the CBST-SAL Swimmers Association, which covers items such as personal best ribbons and the team gift. Out of district residents pay an additional yearly per family fee for participation. See the fee information section in the new or returning member registration link below for prices. 

    CB Aquatics Policies

    All participants and families are responsible to adhere to the policies of the Central Bucks School District, Central Bucks Aquatics, your team handbook (located on your team site), and any other procedural or policy statements received via email throughout the season. By joining the CB Diving team (or the pre-team) you agree to be aware of and adhere to all of these policies. Please see the CB Aquatics policies page linked here for certain policy statements and additional information.
    Central Bucks Diving Registration and Evaluation Information
    Click the link below that applies to your member status.
    I am a returning member who dove last season with CB Diving. (Age group through high school)
    I am a new member or a previous year's member who did not dive last season with CB Diving. (Age group through high school)
    Please follow link to new or returning member page and read that information. Use contact information on that page for further questions.