•  My students will often hear me say that the magic number for science is to practice 20 minutes a night!

    Check out what 20 minutes a night can do for you!!!

     Also, please feel free to check out the link below to learn about other study tactics for chemistry!



    All homework for this course is posted in the classroom on our daily agenda. Although some assignments are posted on the class calendar I encourage students to:


    a)Write down the due dates from the agenda in an assignment book.


    b) Obtain the phone number and e-mail addresses of more than one reliable fellow student so that you can find out about work missed due to absence.


    c) Use this site!! As it provides access to all (well, O.K., most) handouts from class.  That includes class notes, worksheets, labs, charts, etc.

    How can this help students?  First, if a student is absent, they can access handouts from home.  Secondly, if a student wishes to "redo" a worksheet in order to improve their performance, this is an option.  Thirdly, sometimes kids just forget their papers and could use the opportunity to get a fresh copy from their home computer.


    Chemtutor.com site - This link will bring you to an article on heuristics.  A great read for students and parents about how studying for chemistry is different than other subjects.  The site also has good treatments on topics in chemistry that we will cover this year.