Required Materials for Mr. Fedell's Science Classes

  • Students of all science classes are required to have the following materials for class:
    1. An appropriate tool for writing. (pen, pencil, etc.) 
    Please note: 
    On some days, a pencil is preferred.  The instructor will explain this preference when applicable.
    On some days, a pencil is required (the days of standardized testing, the day of the final exam, etc.).
    Please understand that the instructor will not be able to provide writing implements to students.  Students need to bring their own tools for writing.
    2. Some type of material on which to complete written work.  (paper, notebook, etc.)
    Please note: 
    On some days, instructors will provide papers on which to take notes, etc. 
    On other days, students will need to provide their own paper. 
    Of course, specialty papers (graph paper, scratch paper for exams, etc.) will be provided.
    3. A scientific calculator. 
    Please note: 
    A calculator is not required every day. 
    The instructor will notify the students at least one day in advance if a calculator is required. 
    The instructor is not responsible to provide a calculator. 
    The instructor will not provide a calculator at any time. 
    The sharing of calculators is permissible during regular class days. 
    The sharing of calculators by students in the same class is prohibited during all testing situations. 
    The use of a cell phone as a calculator is prohibited.
    Some calculators require batteries.   Students should have back-up batteries for when their calculator batteries lose their charge.  The instructor does not provide back-up batteries.
    Please realize that is the responsibility of the student to have the appropriate materials at the appropriate time.  This is an important habit to develop as students are preparing themselves for college, career, or military.