•  Algebra 1 and 1A Online Textbook Instructions 

    The Pre-Algebra textbook is not online. If you would like a virtual copy of the Pre-Algebra textbook, please sign out the CD in the library to download the textbook on your home computer. - See more at: https://www.cbsd.org/Page/29197#sthash.gOGQ1euL.dpufTo a
     To access our Algebra textbook from the internet, go to www.cbsd.org/365 and log in. Click on the "waffle" and then click on "all apps." Then click on the "ConnectEd" app. This will take you to the McGraw-Hill website and log you into our online textbook and its many resources. You can also access the online textbook through Canvas. Go to our Canvas homepage and click on the textbook icon or the ConnectEd link in the course navigation.