• Dear Parents,


            Starting the first week of school, we will be using a behavior management program. Your child will be given a star clip. Each day your child’s star will begin on “ready to learn” or the green rectangle. The student has a chance to move his/her star up or down throughout the day depending on the choices he or she makes. Good choices and behavior will result in moving his/her star up a rectangle. Poor choices and behavior will result in moving his/her star down a rectangle. At the end of the day, each child will record in their Take Home binder the color rectangle his/her star ended on. Please take a moment each day before you sign your child’s binder to notice your child’s star color for the day. Thank you in advance for your support with this program.


    Way to Go!


    The student moved his/her star up for showing excellent behavior, making fantastic choices and putting great effort into school work.  This is an outstanding way to end the day!

    Ready to Learn


    Students  begin here each day. The student had good behavior and made good choices. The student did not get in trouble or go above and beyond classroom expectations.

    Make Better Choices 


    The student moved his/her star down as a warning of inappropriate behavior.  Behavior was discussed with child; please discuss the behavior with your child at home.

    UH-OH note


    The student moved down due to very poor choices. The child earned an UH-OH note describing behavior.  Please sign and return to school once discussed with your child.