• Second Chance Learning Policy
  • Missed an Assignment
                    or Want to Improve a Grade?
           DON'T SETTLE. Take advantage of a
                                                         SECOND CHANCE.
    Mrs. Thompson happily accepts late assignments, missing work, or improved/resubmitted projects, if you meet the criteria below:
  •         1. Respect your peers & teacher, as they work on current assignments
            2. Fill out & submit a LIA (Late or Incomplete Assignment form: LIA Form)
            3. Visit Ms. Bongiorno during Resource, to submit your work, or schedule extra help
            4. Submit the assignment for an improved grade! 
                                                                                       ...that's all! You can do it!
    Your goal should always be prompt, on-time, work submissions, but mistakes happen, and things come up. Ultimately, to succeed, you need to demonstrate your learned skill with the concepts from class. You must produce and submit assignments to do this.
    As long as you submit 1 week prior to the end of the current marking period, your work will be considered.
         What does this mean for you? 
    Unhappy with the quality of your artwork?                         ...USE A SECOND CHANCE
    Lower than acceptable grade in class?                                       ...USE A SECOND CHANCE
    Discontent with the grade you earned on a specific project?...USE A SECOND CHANCE
    Absent* on a project due date?                                                    ...USE A SECOND CHANCE
    In most instances, students are eligible to earn up to a 95% on a Second Chance Learning assignment submission, if completed using the criteria on the provided rubric.
    Ms. Bongiorno will use her discretion should a student use a Second Chance as a result of skipping class, or avoiding the given task during provided class time or extra work time; In such cases, she will justly deduct points.
    *A student with an excused absence will be eligible for up to a 100% on work submitted promptly. For example, if a student missed 1 class, he/she can submit the very next class, without penalty. If a student is absent during 2 classes, he/she can submit within 2 classes, without penalty. 
    Take responsibility for your progress in class and
    There is no limit to the amount of help you can ask for, and you can receive the extra help & work time that you need. 
    Find out more about how you, or your student, can use a Second Chance;
    Email Mrs. Thompson @ athompson@cbsd.org