Independent reading is an important component to the fourth grade reading block.  Independent reading allows your child to practice the strategies they have learned during whole and small group instruction, as well as the modeled strategies during read aloud times.  Independent reading can help to increase your child's vocabulary and also builds background knowledge for your child.  Allowing children to choose appropriately leveled material gives them the power of knowing they are also in control of their growth as a reader.  Most importantly, independent reading builds a foundation for children to become life-long readers!
    Because of the importance of independent reading, the children take part in this aspect of the reading block for about 30 minutes per day.  Your child will have many opportunities to conference with me on the books they are independently reading.  These conferences allow me to see what your child is interested in, listen to their fluency, and practice summarizing on a one to one basis.  We discuss book choices and set individual goals to help your child grow as a reader. 
    Please, click on the link below to view the rubric that will be used to assess your child during independent reading conferences.