• Unit 1 Seeds of Change: Emergence of the First Global Age

    Unit 1 Materials

    Big Ideas


    Enduring Understandings

    Essential Questions

    Students Will Be Able to:

    1.  Challenges to the social and political order frequently come from radical new ideas.

    2.  A society’s values can be seen through their cultural and scientific achievements.

    3.  Technology and commerce link cultures with one another.

    5.  Every society has developed some political system by which either the one, the few, or the many rule over others.

    1.  How can ideas change the world?

    2.  What is globalization and when did it begin?

    3.  What is the proper relationship between citizens and their government?

    4.  What happens when different cultures interact?

    5.  Is history more fact or fiction? (Are there historical “truths” or is history just a matter of perspective?  Whose story gets told?)

    1.  Analyze how Greek and Roman ideas affected Renaissance society.

    2.  Identify Enlightenment ideas and how they changed views of society and government.

    3.  Explain how the ideas of the Scientific Revolution challenged existing world views.

    4.  Analyze the motives and impact of exploration on globalization and the interaction of cultures.

    5.  Compare and contrast the world’s major religions.

    6.  Identify basic world geography