• Second Chance Learning Policy – World Language – Tohickon

    Tohickon's World Language Department has a second chance learning policy in place to make sure all students have an opportunity to relearn material and have a second chance to be assessed on these concepts. If students receive below a 73% on a quiz, project, core speaking, or core writing assessment, they will have an opportunity to come in for some extra help and be reassessed on the material.
    1. Students will initiate this opportunity and must make a resource appointment with the teacher within 7 days of the assessment being returned.
    2. Students must come in and work with the teacher (or a peer-tutor if the teacher is not available during resource) to discuss the material or concepts not understood.
    3. The second assessment will be different from the first one, but will assess the same skill set.
    4. Students may earn up to a 73% on the second assessment.