• Second Chance Learning
    The following is the Tohickon Science Department's policy for second chance learning:

    Students scoring below a 70% on a test or performance assessment will have the opportunity to have a second chance.  Second chances are not permitted for unit exams, minor quizzes, labs, homework, or classroom activities. To get a second chance, the student must:


    1.    See the science teacher outside of class to request a retake date and see the teacher at resource for a review session.  Request for a second chance must be made within three days of receiving your grade and must be completed in a timely fashion (before the next major assessment is given).

    2.    Study at home for a re-test and/or complete make-up assignment (see below)

    3.    Report again to the science teacher on the scheduled date and re-take the assessment or alternative assessment.


    At teacher discretion, a review assignment may be required to be completed prior to the retake. The higher of the two scores will be counted with a maximum score of 70%. If no review session occurs, no second chance learning can occur.