• Speech Folders:  Inside you will find completed activities from your child’s therapy sessions, as well as homework materials for you to practice at home.  Please know that you do not have to complete the homework the day it comes home.  I ask that you try to complete the homework by the following week.  Your child will be receiving stickers for their speech folders as incentive for doing his/her homework.  If some of the items are too difficult or your child fights you to complete the homework, please remember this homework is optional.  All of your child’s speech-language class work and homework assignments should be kept in the folder throughout the school year.  Please do not throw away any papers in your child’s folder since they are often reviewed during the school year to promote carryover. 


    Please encourage your child to do the following:  

    ·         Bring the folder home on the day he/she had Speech/Language Support

    ·         Do the assigned lesson for carry-over and practice.

    ·         Obtain parent signature/comments on the homework sheet (only after you have checked the work or observed the practice)

    ·         Bring the folder back to school on the assigned day


    *If your child is working to improve his/her articulation, he/she should practice 3-5 minutes per day.  Please listen to your child practice and then sign the assignment.  It is often difficult for students who are learning to correct their sounds to discriminate between new vs. old speech patterns.


    *If your child is working to improve his/her language skills, please assist him/her to complete the language lesson by discussing the lesson’s application (the goal of the lesson) to your family’s personal experience.  Try to incorporate the goal of our classroom lesson into your routine activities.  Your role in language development is valued and important!    Please keep in mind that some students do not always work on paper and pencil tasks.  If your child is not working on these tasks, remember that both communication and language are happening all around us (dinner time, bath time, play, in the car, etc.). You can reinforce school goals and encourage language through the natural environment.  I would love to hear how your family incorporates language into your daily routines.