• How do I get a band instrument?

    For those that already own an instrument that will be used this school year, your job is mostly taken care of. However, to guarantee that the instrument you own is in playable condition, you can bring it to a reputable music instrument vendor and repair center. Locally, many parents bring their older instruments to the Music & Arts Center in the Doylestown Shopping Ctr. But should you have another instrument repair store in mind, there is no problem with that. In many cases a minor tuneup is very helpful. This will ensure that there are no broken keys, leaky pads or stuck valves when your child tries to play it for the first time.
    If you are renting an instrument, our district's preferred vendors are Russo Music and Zeswitz Music. But remember that you are welcome to rent a band instrument from any vendor that you feel comfortable with. Both Russo Music and Zeswitz Music rent instruments that are made by reputable manufacturers with a long history of quality and durability. You can access the either website directly from our CB Elementary Instrumental Music Infographic which will be emailed out the first full week of September. There you will see more details as to how the rent/lease agreement will work for you. A nice advantage of using Russo or Zeswitz is that they will do free repairs for any of the common issues that can pop up with instruments used by students. And they'll also send a representative to each school on a weekly basis to pick up and drop off supplies for their customers.