Yearbook Class
    The yearbook staff is responsible for all of the photography in the yearbook that is not covered by a professional photographer. Yearbook students are expected to help cover in-school events, as well as clubs and activities. Each week, students will have a photography assignment to help build up our image library. Students are encouraged to use digital cameras for these assignments. If students do not have use of a digital camera, they may use phones. Students using phones will not have larger photos featured in the yearbook, due to their lower image quality.
    Yearbook Club
    The yearbook club meets after school on a bi-weekly basis and via email. The club is open to anyone who would like to contribute to the production of the Antler Yearbook. We especially need student photographers (with use of a DSLR, preferably), writers, graphic designers and students who can help with music and sports pages. If you would like to help out but have work or sports after school, you can join as a "freelance" photographer or writer. Mrs. Ferraro will email you assignments and you submit your work via the West Yearbook TEAM. Email Mrs. Ferraro at sferraro@cbsd.org for more information!