• Amber Heere-MacLeod

    Unlocking the Full Potential of Technology in the Classroom


    I chose this title because it is important for teachers to spend the time trying new technology and discovering the numerous ways it can be utilized in the classroom. As new technology becomes available it is important that we give it a try and see the full potential that it has. Often times we simply utilize a piece of technology to replace something we would have done with a worksheet or whiteboard. Technology has far more capabilities that we can explore and owe it to our students to do so!

  • Michael DeCandido

    Technology is Changing the World, so Use It To Change the Way You Teach

    I chose this heading because technology is advancing in today’s society, and it can be used in such a variety of positive ways. We should embrace using technology for substitution, augmentation, modification, and redefinition because it can benefit both teachers and students. Rather than fighting the fact that technology is advancing at a rapid rate, it’s time to embrace the change and use it to benefit our classrooms.

  • Dave Filson

    Headline- Technology: A Game Changer for Students and Teachers


    I chose this headline because I think the article really hits on the importance of technology and how it is changing the educational world for the better.  Technology has served as a replacement for many things that your "old school" classroom might be able to do. Now,  technology can be used to enhance the learning for students and help teachers become more efficient at their jobs.

  • Sara Creely

    Headline: Teachers: Unlocking the Full Potential of Tools

    I selected this headline title because the article talks a lot about how teachers may use tools to achieve a variety of tasks in the classroom. Teachers all use technology very differently in their classrooms, and utilize the tools on varying levels as well.  The more teachers learn about the tools that are accessible to them, and learn how to better utilize them within their classroom, the more their students, and the teachers themselves, will benefit.

  • Lauren Devine

    Headline: Redefining Technology in the Classroom

    I chose this headline as a slight word play on the fourth level of techonology use in the classroom. The article discussed the four ways technology can be used in the classroom, but its focus was on redefinition. While using techonology in the classroom on any level is valuable, using it as a means to redefine assignments and eduction can provide new and meaningful learning opportunities.

  • Lauren Smith

    Headline: Teachers Using the SAMR Model Reach Kids on a New Level

    I chose this as the headline because I think the article is best summarized with this model and how it can benefit the profession on all sides. Teachers are able to get work done faster with augmentation, therefore leaving more time for students. They are able to teach to student interest or control management when using substitution. When both work well, teachers can then move on to modification where they are able to actually create and change what students are doing in the classroom. This is where they can reach students on a different level. Teachers who are able to use the SAMR Model in their classroom, and identify how well they are using technology, can work to improve the technology within their classrooms.

  • Jillian Simpkins (Flasher)

    Headline: Teachers Are Redefining & Redesigning the Future of Their Students with Technology

    I chose this title because teachers are preparing their students for the future using technology that wasn't around a few years ago and planning for technology that isn't invented yet. Thinking back to several years ago, when school was chalkboards and textbooks, our current learning environment is completely redesigned and redefined with simple technology such as white boards, laptops, etc. Teachers today have the same ability as we prepare for what is coming.

  • Elizabeth Detwiler

    Headline: Teachers can Prepare for Future Technologies Before They are Invented!

    I chose this newspaper headline because it summarizes the main idea of the article that we can use four different ways to analyze how any technology can be used in the classroom, including future technologies. Substitution, augmentation, modification, and redefinition provide us with ways to look at the potential of any given technology. If we learn to look at technology through these lenses, we can learn how to approach and integrate any new technology that comes our way.