• Amber Heere-MacLeod

    Teaching social studies is like stretching after a work out, at least for me! We do the work out itself (reading and math) but then often neglect to stretch afterwards (social studies). While we will still get some positive impacts from simply working out, we are not fully taking care of our bodies without stretching. Without stretching, we can sometimes diminish all the good with did for our bodies with a work out. Stretching helps to solidify the impacts of a good workout. We need to do the inital work of teaching math and reading so that students are prepapred for certain social studies concepts, but leaving out social studies all together is doing a disservice to students. 


  • Mike DeCandido

    Teaching social students is like trying something new. Sometimes we try new things, and sometimes we don’t because there are other aspects in our life that take over (math and ELA). When we try something new, we learn and grow in many different ways. We have new experiences to learn from and we benefit from the experience, whether it was good or bad.

  • Dave Filson

    Teaching social studies is like an unfinished basement to a house. Once you actually make time to finish it and put the work in, it is a game changer to a house. (I might have been doing work to my basement this morning and this is all I could think of). But either way.... I think teaching social studies sometimes can be forgotten in the elementary level simply because there is more of a value in language arts and math. However social studies can open up great opportunities for classroom discussion about what is happening in the world and inspire students to take a better interest in their own country. Teaching students to know that they are the future of this country and having them own that, can go a long way and social studies in the perfect time to do this. 

  • Lauren Devine

    Teaching Social Studies is like caring for a garden because every student, just like every plant, has different needs. However, if you take good care of your garden, you will have well-established and healthy plants. Just like your students will grow into well-rounded citizens through meaningful Social Studies education.

  • Sara Creely

    I couldn’t resist this response….

    Teaching social studies is like a box of chocolates because you never know what you’re going to get! Sometimes students are really excited and wanting to know more, and other times they are not very engaged or interested at all!  The box should be made up of a good selection, lots of variety, and hopefully it'll leave behind a good taste, making you want more. 

  • Lauren Smith

    Teaching Social Studies is like caring for old friendships. It takes effort, and it may be something that we push aside and say, “we’ll get to it when we can,” but without those old friendships, we would not be molded to who we are today. Without teaching skills in Social Studies, students are losing important skills that they need to be functioning citizens as well as skills for other subjects

  • Jillian Simpkins (Flasher)

    Teaching Social Studies is like having a healthy, balanced diet because all different kinds of foods are required to be healthy. Although you can survive on only certain elements of the food pyramid, a healthy lifestyle comes from a balanced intake of all types of foods.

  • Elizabeth Detwiler

    Teaching Social Studies is like exercising because we do not always make time for it, but it proves beneficial in the end. Exercising is essential to keeping us healthy, while teaching Social Studies is essential to helping students become responsible citizens.