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    One of the greatest moments with students is when they start applying what they learn in school to their life.  How can we introduce these important concepts to parents so they can also foster qualities of a Growth Mindset with their children?
    Bonus video! (added 6/18/15!)

    Liam, 5th grader at Barclay, responsds to a question about a visit he won from Phillies player Cody Asche.  About the 0:55 mark in the video he was asked what he likes most about Cody Asche and the Phillies.  He said, “They show Grit even though they’re losing.” 


    Liam then explains how Grit means “never giving up”.  YES!



Videos: 4th Grade Powtoon & Thank You, Mom

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    Thank you, Mom -

    Thank you, Mom

    This is a short advertisement from Proctor and Gamble.  It shows kids with grit and it shows a parent's love.  A great way to introduce the value of grit and resiliency to parents of elementary children!

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    Posted by SUZANNE DAILEY on 5/29/2015
    After reviewing articles and suggested classroom activities, what do you plan to do to help parents understand your efforts to make grit concrete, overt, and accessible to their children?  Think about Back to School Night, parent newsletters, teacher website, etc. as avenues to accomplish this.
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