• Students must wear ALL BLACK.


    BOYS: Black pants - dress pants or nice black jeans.  Black shirt - button up, sweater (not hoodie), plain long sleeve T, or golf shirt.  Shirts cannot have large designs or logos on them; small logos are OK. No short sleeve T's. Black Shoes - preferably dress shoes.  If you absolutely can't get dress shoes, you may wear another black shoe.  Black vans/chucks work a little better than basketball/running shoes if possible.


    GIRLS: Black pants - as a school policy, no skirts for concerts.  To keep it uniform, no dresses either.  Sorry girls.  Wear black dress pants or nice black jeans if you have them.  Appropriate leggings are fine.  Black shirt/blouse - dress shirts/blouses, black sweaters, long sleeve shirts are all fine.  Black Shoes - preferably dress shoes, but black sneakers are fine too.    Black Uggs, vans, chucks, all fine.