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     Primary PEN

         Through detective science, first and second grade PEN students will be learning how to solve mysteries through deductive reasoning and forensic experiments. 
         The Power Up unit will allow students to explore simple machines and how to generate power with hands-on science activities.
    3rd Grade
         As part of our architecture unit, third grade PEN students design our very own PEN facility and build a 3D model.  We are considering form, function, and aesthetics into our design.  We even design a floor plan.
         Our games unit will allow us to explore different types of games with varying game mechanics.  We will even create original games of our own.
    4th Grade
          Fourth grade PEN students are currently working on building their creative problem solving skills.  Through a project based learning approach children are developing  creative solutions to unique problems. 
          Students will also be creating inventions and following the invention process.  Students will even learn some marketing skills as well to spread the word about their products.

    5th and 6th

         Fifth and sixth grade PEN students are learning all about how to take an intiative and how to make change in the world.
         Students are also exploring the world of robotics and programming.  We are looking forward to showing all of our work at the Change Maker Challenge.