• 2023 8th Grade Baseball Info.
    Coach: Kelley Reed, Holicong Room 140, kereed@cbsd.org
    Useful Information:
    General Playbook: Below is a basic playbook that contains coverage, responsibilities, and other valuable information.  Take some time to review position responsibilities:  Rule #1: Everyone should be moving on every play!!!
    Basic Cutoff Coverage: Rule - shortstop and 2nd typically move towards the ball to cover the base or be the cutoff.  On balls hit to left field the 3rd baseman will be typically be the cutoff or will cover third if the play is at third.  On balls coming home the 1st baseman will cut from center and right.  The third baseman will cut from left.
    Basic Bunt Coverage: Rule - the second baseman will cover first base on almost all bunts.  On situations where a runner is on 2nd the third baseman will act as if he is charging, but will retreat to third base when the pitch is made.  On those plays the fielding responsibility is on the pitcher, catcher and first baseman.  The 2nd baseman will cover first.
    Bunt Coverage
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