Help: Homework and Organization


    Take the following steps to help answer your homework questions to ensure you come PREPARED FOR CLASS:

    1. Make sure you write down your homework assignments in your homework book throughout the day. When doing this, make sure that you write a decription of the assignment that you understand. Ask the teacher questions in class when writing down the assignment to make sure you thoroughly understand what is expected.

    2. Forget to write it down? Still do no know what to do? Try the following suggestions first:

        a. Use your teacher's website as a resource. See if the assignment is posted on their website. If it is, use that information, and any additional information the teacher may have, to help answer your questions.

        b. Still stuck? Phone a friend. A HOMEWORK BUDDY is a great resource in answering homework questions. Make sure that your homework buddy is a reliable and responsible person.

    3. If you are still stuck, avoid being unprepared by emailing your teacher. You can use Office 365 to do so. Make sure you check your email for a response! If timing does not allow you to get a teacher response, ensure to visit your teacher first thing in the morning to ask your questions and notify them that you were unable to complete the assignment.



    Follow the guidelines below to help your student stay organized:

    1. Start the year, and each marking period, with a well structured and well organized binder. Clean out the unnecessary materials and make sure dividers are still in tact. Accordian folders are great for some students, and a mess for others. Evaluate if it is beneficial.

    2. Provide your student with a binder hole-punch. Although a majority of the papers teacher pass out have holes, if there is an incident in which they do not, disorganization tends to begin.

    3. Have students meet with content area teachers to help determine what are "must-keeps" and what can be put in a folder or thrown away.

    4. A pencil case is helpful to keep pencils, pens, highlighters, calculators, etc. to be prepared for class.

    5. Reinforce the importance of the assignment book. If students resist the assignment book, or need an alternative resource to keep track of assignments, check out the suggested Apps at the bottom of the page!

    6. Homework being done and not making it to class? Take a picture of/scan your student's homework and have it emailed to the teacher to ensure your student gets credit for the work.