• 1. Build your words with play-doh, magnetic letters, scrabble tiles, etc.
    2. Recite your words out loud to another person.
    3. Have a partner sing your spelling words to you in a loud voice, sing them back in a soft voice.              Then sing them together.
    4. Use sign language to sign your words.
    5. Use your finger to write your spelling words in shaving cream, on felt, on sandpaper or in pudding.
    6. Pour paint (with sparkles/confetti for fun!) into a gallon ziplock bag and use your finger to spell your words by pushing the paint.
    7. Use your finger to trace your words on someones back and have them guess the word, then switch!
    8. Spell your words using cereal or raw noodles.
    9. Paint your words- use paint with a paintbrush or cutip or a paintbrush with water on the sidewalk/chalkboard or use sidewalk chalk.
    10. Write your words three times each. (try using a fancy pen/marker)
    11. Use each spelling word in a sentence.
    12. Write a story using your spelling words.
    13. Spelling Baseball: Set up 4 bases. The "Pitcher" selects a word. If the batter can spell it correctly, he moves forward a base. If the batter does not spell the word, he remains where he is. Receieve a point every time you pass home base.
    14. Type your words on the computer or email them to the teacher or a friend!
    15. Write your words in alphabetical order.
    16. Write your words in the bathtub with crayons.
    17. Write your words on index cards to practice like flashcards.
    18. Try to think of real or silly (nonsense) words that rhyme with your spelling words.
    19. Craft your words using letter stickers, stencils or stamps.
    20. Trace your words in sand or in sugar on a cookie sheet.
    21. Create Rainbow words using at least 3 different colors.
    22. Write your words in the air using your "magic writers."
    23. String letter beads on a bracelet to spell the words.
    24. Use bendy sraws, pipe cleaners, or wikki sticks to spell the words.
    25. Spell your words in the dark with a flashlight or point to the letters on an alphabet strip to spell the words.
    26. Hop and spell each word or write the letters on cards and hop to each letter to spell the words.
    27. Sing the letters in the words to the tune of well-known songs or write your own spelling song or rap.
    28. Cut letters out of old magazines and glue them onto another sheet to spell your words.