Independent Book Project-MP2
    Instruction Sheet: Instruction Sheet and Rubric
    Sample Power Point: Scarlet Sample PP


    ·         Select a fiction book that you have read during marking period 1 or 2 and that has been recorded on a reading log.  You must have a parent signature for this book! 


    ·         Review the book- get a copy of the book if needed, look at a summary online, etc..


    ·         Create a 5 slide power point about your book.  The focus of each slide, IN ANY ORDER should be:


    o   Slide 1- an intro slide with book title and author as well as a picture of the cover


    o   Slide 2- Setting


    o   Slide 3- Character(s)


    o   Slide 4- Plot


    o   Slide 5- Theme


    ·      What you include on each slide specifically is up to you, but the information on each slide should reflect its focus.  How you present the information on the slide is also up to you; you can use words, sentences, pictures, clips, etc.  (For example, your Setting slide should give information about the setting of the book in some way shape or form.  You should paint a CLEAR picture for the viewer of where/when the book takes place in whatever way you choose.)  You will supplement information pertaining to each focus in WHAT YOU SAY.


    ·      The goal of your presentation is to tell about your book in hopes that a classmate may want to read it; please do not give away the ending.  You should plan out and rehearse what you will say (you may have notes or flashcards but don’t need to).  Your power point is your guide and your visual…not all information you present needs to be explicitly stated on your slide.   Make sure you give detail and background when needed and make the audience WANT TO READ YOUR BOOK!


    ·      You will present your power point to the class on one of the presentation dates.  


    ·      You will have THREE to FOUR days in lab 113 to work: Tuesday, 1/2 through Friday, 1/5and one day to rehearse: Monday, 1/8


    PRESENTATION DATES: TUESDAY January 9th – 16th  (we will have 4 or 5 presentations a day)




    1.      Quality presentation skills                                    5          8.5       10                   


    2.      High quality, creative power point                      5          8.5       10                   


    3.      Presentation is accurate and informative          5          10        15        20

                                                                                                    TOTAL______ /40