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    We are working on a return to swim plan. Please check back toward the end of July for updated information about the 2020-21 season.

    CBST-SAL is a member of the Suburban Aquatic League, referred to as the SAL.
    Our team is designed for emergent competitive age group swimmers.
    We strive to improve the stroke mechanics of all of our swimmers while also featuring aerobic training appropriate for each skill level.

    Season and Community Served

    The CBST-SAL season begins with practices in early October and ends in early February with championships. The team is comprised of both swimmers and divers. Qualified individuals who are districted to Central Bucks School District, or those who live in the surrounding non-CB communities may be members of CBST-SAL. Out-of-district athletes with an SAL team in their own districts are encouraged to participate with that team if possible.

    Practices and Meets

    CBST-SAL groups its participants by age. Age is determined as of October 31st of the current year as defined by the league. Swimmers generally have practice offered five nights a week at either CB South High School or CB East High School depending on the night of the week. Click here for the typical practice schedule. Dual meets, meets in which two teams compete against each other, are held on Saturdays. There are typically seven dual meets spread over the months of November, December, and January.  The dual meets in November and December are "regular" season meets.  The dual meets in January are championship dual meets and swimmers must have competed in a minimum of two of the regular dual meets in order to attend. CBST-SAL swimmers also have access to several invitational meets, meets in which participants compete on an individual, rather than team basis, usually held on Sundays.



    The coaches like to see participants practicing a minimum of three nights per week, but understand that other activities may interfere with practices at times.If swimmers routinely find themselves not able to meet the minimum number of practices, they are likely to not progres as they would like. Fees cannot be prorated due to attendance.

    Attendance at as many of the seven dual meets as possible is expected with a minimum of three of the five "regular" season meets being a requirement for participants to keep their spot on the team for the next season. Participation in invitational meets is completely optional and does not count toward the required three of five meet minimum. Parents are required to volunteer at dual meets. The minimum requirements will be communicated by the parent board. Parents should be prepared to volunteer at most invitationals for which they have signed their child up to participate.


    CBST-SAL members pay a program fee to the CB Community School for the program and a participation fee to the CBST-SAL Swimmers' Association, which covers items such as ribbons and the team gift. Out of district residents pay an additional yearly per family fee for participation. See the fee information section in the registration link below for prices.

    Team Website

    For more detailed team information visit, www.cbswim.org.   Practice times, locations, schedules, parent handbook, and other important information may be found on the team site. Parents should check the site every week for updated information. Please note: most of the current season's schedule does not get posted until October.

    CB Aquatics Policies

    All participants and families are responsible to adhere to the policies of the Central Bucks School District, Central Bucks Aquatics, your team handbook (located on your team site), and any other procedural or policy statements received via email throughout the season. By participating with CBST you agree to be aware of and adhere to all of these policies. Please see the CB Aquatics policies page linked here for certain policy statements and additional information.


    Click the link below that applies to your member status.

    I am a returning member who swam last season with CBST-SAL. (Age group through high school)

    I am a new member or a previous year's member who did not swim last season with CBST-SAL. (Age group through high school.)
    Please follow link to new or returning member page and read that information. Use contact information on that page for further questions.