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    Central Bucks School District's
    USA Swimming (USAS) Team
    The Central Bucks Swim Team - USAS
    known as CBST-USAS (or CBST-MA)
    (A Youth Swim Program)
    The Central Bucks Swim Team (CBST-USAS) is a member of USA Swimming's Middle-Atlantic (MA) local swimming committee (LSC).  Our team is designed for both the senior level (high school) and the age group level swimmer.  Our practices include dryland and pool workouts stressing endurance training and technique.  We strive to improve the stroke mechanics of all our swimmers while also featuring aerobic training appropriate for each skill level. 

    Season and Community Served 

    CBST-USAS has two seasons each year.  The Short Course season runs from the beginning of September through mid-March with competitions in short course (typically 25 yard) pools.  The Long Course season runs from mid-April through the end of July/beginning of August with competitions in long course (50 meter) pools.  Swimmers may join CBST-USAS for just short course, just long course, or for the full year.  Qualified swimmers from Central Bucks and surrounding communities participate with CBST-USAS.  

    Practices and Meets 

    CBST-USAS participants are grouped by ability for practices.  Age for competition is determined by the swimmer's actual age on the first day of any given meet.  Swim groups generally have practice available five weeknights at either CB South High School or CB East High School, depending on the night of the week and time of the year.  There are also Saturday morning practices which are usually at CB South High School. CBST-USAS attends many local and travel meets as a team.  USA Swimming meets are competitions in which individual swimmers and relay teams compete for personal time improvement. 


    Practice expectations by practice group are described in the PRACTICE GROUPS link below.  While our coaches understand that swimmers have other committments, if they routinely find that they are not attending the minimum number of practices they are likely to not progress as they would like. Fees cannot be prorated due to attendance. Swimmers are expected to attend all of our CBST-USAS hosted home meets held at CB South (typically two or three, two-day meets each year) and should plan to attend several other meets throughout the season.  Parents are required to volunteer at our home meets and should expect to help at away meets to a lesser extent as well.   Please review CBST-USAS' MEET OBLIGATION POLICY for more details. 


    CBST-USAS members pay a program fee to the Central Bucks Community School for the program (determined by the season and practice group), an annual USAS registration fee, and fees to fund an escrow account for meet entries.  Additional costs are incurred in conjunction with travel meets and non-CB districted participants pay an annual out of district per family fee.  See the FEE INFORMATION section in the registration link below for prices. 

    Practice Groups 

    Click here for a description of each practice group.  Please note that all Senior Flash swimmers swim a few afternoons at another local facility during the months of November-March.

    Team Website 

    For more detailed team information visit, www.cbswimteam.org  A large variety of information such as practice times, locations, schedules, and other important team information may be found on the site.  Parents should check the site multiple times a week. 

    USAS Required Team Policies

    The following policies are required of all USAS teams.  All members are responsible to adhere to the policies of the Central Bucks School District, Central Bucks Aquatics, your parent handbook (located on your team site), and any other procedural or policy statements received via email throughout the season.

    By joining CBST-USAS you agree to be aware of and adhere to the following policies.

    CBST-USAS Team Travel Policy

    CB Aquatics Communications Policy

    CB Aquatics Locker Room Monitoring Policy

    CB Aquatics Action Plan to Address Bullying

    Click the button below that applies to your member status:

    I am a
    returning member who swam the 2018-2019 Short Course Season. Contact Deadline January 19, 2019

    I am a new member
    or a previous year's member who did not swim the 2018-2019 Short Course Season. (See below - must make contact for evaluation by January 19, 2019.
    All potential new members must be evaluated for practice group placement.  Please note that some practice groups may be full. Please also note that new CBST-USAS swimmers must be able to legally swim all four competitive strokes. Evaluations are by appointment and will be held in late December and early/mid-January.  Please contact Jen Steinberg at jsteinberg@cbsd.org to schedule an evaluation no later than January 19th.  Swimmers under 9 years of age will generally not be evaluated. (It is rare that swimmers under 9 are prepared for CBST-USAS, however, if your 8 year-old swimmer has competitive winter swim team experience and would like to practice with CBST-USAS - no meets available - contact Jen Steinberg per above to explore the possibility of an evaluation.)

    Short course 2019-2020 registration information will be posted here in May/June 2019.

    View CBST-USAS frequently asked questions and answers here
    View CB Aquatics General questions and answers here
    Have more questions?
    Please follow link to new or returning member page and read that information. Use contact information on that page for further questions.