Serology and DNA

    Day 1 Wednesday 4/24/19

    I will identify how blood can be used as evidence at the crime scene.
    1. Begin serology

    2. Blood Spatter Lab (part 1)

    3. Finish Serology Notes

    HW: Serology and DNA Vocab Review (Closes at end of Day 4): https://www.quia.com/quiz/4243212.html
    Specialist Presentation/Lesson start at end of this unit!

    Day 2- Thursday 4/25/19

    Guest Speaker- Mr. Pecic

    Effective Presentations

    Day 2 Thursday 4/25/19
    I will calculate the trajectory of blood spatter based on various measurements.
    1. Return Quest. Documents Test
    2. Blood Spatter Lab

    4. HW: Quia- DNA/Serology


    Day 3 Monday 4/29/19

    I will identify how DNA can be used at the crime scene.

    1. Do now
    2. DNA notes
    3. DNA Detetective/Blood Spatter Lab 
      DNA Detetective

    HW: Review questioned document and serology notes


    DNA Evidence

    Slime and Punishment

    Day 4 Tuesday 4/30/19

    I will identify how DNA can be used at the crime scene.

    1. Read Leech + DNA article give summary, how it is relevant to current unit and your opinion
    2. Video: DNA Analysis
    3. OJ Simpson Case Video
    4. HW: Get packet ready, Study
     OJ Simpson Case Study
    Day 5 Wednesday 5/1/19
    I will identify how Crime Scene protocol and DNA evidence was compromised in the OJ Simpson Case.
    1. Serology/DNA Review
    2. Collect Pack
    3. Serology Quiz:


    4. Final Prep work for project

    HW: Specialist Project

    Blood Spatter Pack

    1. Blood Spatter Lab

    2. DNA Detective

    3. Leech and DNA writeups

    4. OJ Simpson

    5. Current Events