• Fall in love with 4th gr. Art!

    4th graders decorated our halls with fall leaves made from watercolor paints. The students thought about the illusion of space while creating these masterpieces, as they decided on places and overlap/use of space. The students also added texture and details in crayons, which works as a watercolor resist method in their painting.

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  • Beautiful Hands

    Barclay Elementary School has been inspired by Kathryn Otoshi’s book Beautiful Hands. To welcome the talented author, each grade has created different images out of their own hands to support the positive meaning behind this book.


    What can your beautiful hands do today?

    The artists focused on the process of creating art, while using materials carefully and respectfully. They also thought abstractly as they created images out of prints of their own hands.

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  • Post office Display

    Selected students from Barclay Elementary were showcased artwork at the local Post Office for the month of October. The Dolyestown Post office had these beautiful pieces out for the public to see.  Another great way to have the artwork of CB out and about!

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  • Yogurt Tree Display

    Selected students from Barclay showcased their artwork in the month of November at the local Yogurt tree in Doylestown. There was a fabulous reception and a beautiful display.  A great way to have the arts of CB out and about!

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  • Rockin' Around the Color Wheel!

    5th Grade students created AWESOME color wheels and turned them into Rockin' Guitars! Not only are these color wheels an example of Color Theory, but they are also a complex version of the average color wheel.  These color wheels consist of 12 different Hues, Tints and Shades of each color! They also practiced the element of Value in the Guitar strip!

    The project inspired students to think about designers and how they can use color differently. It also was a great way to explore the color wheel and how different colors work together (Color Theory).


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