• H-Factor & Robe Choir Info
    Please note for 2020-21, all students are eligible to audition for and participate in after school choirs, regardless of hybrid/virtual status.  We will make it work!! 
    Robe Choir is an auditioned ensemble made up of approximately 80 of the best singers at Holicong.  Robe Choir typically rehearses every Wednesday until 4 for most of the year and occasionally on other days.  Thursday is the second most common day that we rehearse.  Robe choir typically participates in the Winter Choir Concert, Vh-1 Save the Music Concerts, Middle School A Cappella Festival, Spring Choir Concert, and occasionally in other performances as opportunities arise.  In 2020-21, Robe will begin rehearsing virtually on Wednesdays from 3-4 (over Microsoft Teams) in mid November.  We will explore the possibility of having in-person rehearsals with a portion of OR the full group at some point if appropriate based on the CB health and safety plan.  We will figure out creative ways to share our music with the Holicong community virtually or in person throughout the year.  Mr. Glaser will work hard to create opportunites for Robe Choir to be featured at special events in some way throughout the year.  
    H-Factor is Holicong's most elite vocal ensemble, and is selected from the membership of Robe Choir.  The group typically includes 30-35 singers.  H-Factor rehearses for an average of 2 hours a week after school throughout the year, rehearsing on both Wednesdays and Thursdays until 4:30 or 5:00 during our busiest times of the year.  H-Factor performs at various school and community functions throughout the year - in a typical year there are about 15-20 performances total including places like Peddler's Village, local retirement homes, Valley Square, ACATAMAJAM and various community functions.   Participating in H-Factor involves a significant time commitment and a lot of dedication. In 2020-21, to start, H-Factor will meet on Thursdays after school from 3-4 beginning in late November.   Since H-Factor is a smaller group, it is likely that in person H-Factor rehearsals will begin in short order once the group gets up and rolling.  
    Absences from Select Choir Practices:
    • Mr. Glaser does not require notes or emails for students missing robe choir practices.  We do ask that students inform us (in advance when possible) of conflicts.  If sending an email is the best way of informing me of an upcoming or recent conflict/absence, then I welcome it. 
    • If you are playing a sport and don't know how to split your time between your sport and robe choir practice after school, just speak with Mr. Glaser and he will help you figure it out.   He can contact your coach if necessary.
    • You are expected to be responsible and demonstrate professionalism.  Students who miss rehearsals without informing directors of conflicts may be lose their place in the select ensembles if the problem persists.