Essential Ideas & Questions Covered in Mrs. Cryder and Mrs. Seckinger's Class- Fall 2018
    September: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
    - Does believing that an unhappy situation is only temporary make it more bearable?
    - Is feeling responsible for someone a burden?
    - Can euthanasia, mercy killing, ever be justified?
    - Are innocent/naïve people more easily manipulated?
    - Should people with intellectual disabilities be held responsible for their actions?
    - Is there a gender bias when discussing friendship?
    - Which of our feelings out of grief, loneliness, anger, etc. hurts the most? 
    - Is it ever acceptable to walk away from a crime?
    - If a person has a dream to cling to do they have a better chance of surviving a difficult situation?
    - How do imagery and setting affect the plot and character development of a novella? 
    October/November: The Crucible by Arthur Miller 
    -  Is there more than one way to interpret the Bible?
    - How does it affect a society when mob mentality is allowed to control the actions of the majority?
    - Is it ever acceptable to confess to a crime one did not commit in order to avoid punishment?
    -  Is there a clear difference between right and wrong?
    - Is it better to die for what you believe in or lie to save your life?
    - Does that which doesn't destroy us make us stronger?
    - Is it more difficult to forgive yourself if the person you hurt does not forgive you?
    - What is the definition of courage?
    -  Is a person innocent until proven guilty?
    -  Is justice best determined in the court of law?
    December/January: The Catcher In The Rye by J.D. Salinger 
    -  Can the loss of innocence affect your childhood?
    -  Does the loss of innocence lead to cynicism? 
    -  Does society encourage children grow up too quickly?
    -  Do the institutions that we have in place in society suppress individuality?
    -  Is it true that in order to fit into society we must be "fake" to a certain degree?
    -  Is establishing a mature relationship with the opposite sex difficult during adolescence?
    -  Can people overcome their own problems?
    -  Are we, as a society, more comfortable with illusion than reality?
    -  Is adolescence a time of self-exploration? Is it the only time?
    -  Does conformity lead to the loss of individuality?