• Français III le 23-27 Sept:

    We have had an active week and next week we will be putting it all together with a quiz and a test. We have reviewed and worked on the passé composé and the imparfait, two past tense forms in French. We will continue working with them next week, while talking about our fake and real vacations. We will quiz 1-2 on Wednesday and start to review for the test which will be on Sections 1 and 2 of the chapter. The Chapter test will be Friday. They will have listening, reading, grammar, writing and a speaking section on the test.

    Français  V AP le 23-27 sept. Students are finishing their project on global issues.  As we have done so much with the environment, they focused their efforts on other issues. Projects are due on Monday. In class we have moved to wars and conflicts with our vocabulary, reading, speaking and writing focus. Towards the end of the week, students will be starting to watch Au revoir les Enfants, a WWII classic film that takes place in a school in France.  We have two verb quizzes and a vocabulary quiz next week and we will be testing our knowledge and practice with global issues on Oct 2.


    Français III le 16-20 sept: We will begin our week quizzing chapter 1-1. This will include the vocabulary and the present tense verbs. Students have lists and formation of both regular conjugation and irregular verb conjugations. We will then begin our second section of chapter 1, which included vacation vocabulary and talking about vacations in the past tense. This week also included reading an article on necessary things for school and watching a video done by young francophones on motivation.

    Français AP: We are becoming well versed in the global issues pertaining to the environment, energy and pollution. We will be looking into war, immigration, poverty and diseases over the next week. Students are getting going on writing and speaking activities and will be doing some more listening activities as well. The will begin a research project that will become a video about global issues.


    Français III le 9-13 sept: It was a great week getting to know the students and getting them back into French mode. We started with lots of conversation about us, our vary. Our grammar will focus on present tense verbs and eventually move into past tense. 

    Français V AP le 9-13 sept: So good to see everyone and get back in the grouve! We spent the first two days on reacquainting ourselves with speaking french. We have also been learning the system of the AP class, the materials avalable to them and starting our first theme of Global challenges. While we are focusing on the environnement currently, we will be doing other challenges. Students are realizing they know lots of vocabulary from our extensive lists and are getting acquainted with our verb maintenance. We read two articles on pollution, will be listening to a pod cast on pollution and will then use the information to write an e-mail to the mayor of Paris on what needs to be done. We will be having conversations about what can be done through various actions and reading about an environmentally sound car wash. We will continue to focus on using the subjonctive mood vs the indicative mood. Vocabulary quiz on Tuesday and Verb quiz on Wednesday.


    Français III: Bienvenue à la classe de français III

    Français V AP: Bienvenue! j'ai hâté de vous revoir