Bienvenue à la classe de Français III:

    le 1-5 mars: We are finishing up our review and first chapter. Students will have a quiz on 1-2  on Tuesday and the Chapter test is on Thursday. We have been talking about past vacations and describing how the vacation was. We are talking about what we used to do when we were younger and what was going on when something else happened. 

    le 16-19 Fév: This week we have been working on school vocabulary, and reviewing speaking in the present tense. We will be comparing our past times and discussing what young people in France typically do in their free time and the French school system. We will quiz the 1-1 vocabulary and present tense verb usage mid week and then begin reviewing talking in the past, using vacations. 

    Bonjour et bienvenue à notre classe. It has been an interesting first week. It has been nice to start to get to know the students. We have focused on getting back to French and doing some geography, culture and history in France. We will quiz that on Monday. We have also started our first chapter which has us talking about our school schedule, busy past times and what we like and dislike.


    Bienvenue à la classe de Français IV

    le 1-5 mars: Monday we will finish our review of Chp 6 and the test on is Tuesday. Students have been comparing, making superlative statements, asking questions and working with pronouns as we talk about newspapers and new articles. We will begin our next unit with some francophone Europe information, geography and history. 

    le 16-19 Fév: Students have been talking about new papers and the press. We have been using the subjunctive case to talk and write about our doubts and expressing surprise and disbelief about articles in the news paper. We are moving into the different sections of the newpaper, asking questions and using pronouns in our conversations. Towards the end of the week, we will quiz 6-2 and read a short story.

    Bonjour et bienvenue à notre classeIt has been wonderful seeing everyone again. It is nice to see people in the classroom and via Teams. We started our week getting back to French and doing our best to remember. There is no way better than jumping right in. We started reviewing by talking about what we did while away from class and incorporated descriptions and background information.Our first section has us talking about news and the press, with lots of press vocabulary. We will be expressing doubt, and disbelief, taking about what is certain and what is a possiblity. 

    Bienvenue à la classe de Français IV avancé

    lw 1-5 mars: We have begun reading the classic novella, Le petit prince. We are deciding which of us has left our childhood and imagination behind and which of us, still possess some childhood imagination. In conjunction with our novella, we are working on Unité 7 where we will talk about illness, doctors visits, how the French health system works, and who is called for which health issue. 

    le 16-19 Fév: It is always nice to talk about vacations. We have been comparing hotels and inns and discussing where would be the best places to go and stay. We will be practicing different ways of forming questions, and using possessive pronouns. We will be reading a short story towards the end of the week. We will also be starting the novella Le Petit Prince. Students who will be virtual are asked to pick up a copy by Feb 19th.


    Bonjour et bienvenue à notre classeWe may have started our semester together at home watching the snow fall, but we are already back in the swing of things. After spending some time, talking and reviewing what we did while away from one another. Now we are back to taking vacations and trips. We are booking hotel rooms, reading le guide Micheline, finding the perfect place to stay. We will be comparing hotels and talking superiority. 







    Bienvenue à la classe de Français III avancé 2020


    le 21-28 Jan: As we are approching the home stretch of our semester together, I am reflecting on the improvements made by all of the students. Many have gotten more confident in their speaking and writing abilities. On Friday Jan 22, we will be testing our writing skills and on Monday Jan 25, our speaking skills will be tested. We are also finishing up with some history, seeing the movie Coco avant Chanel and reading and watching current student events in francophone countries. It has truely been a pleasure work with you Français III avancé and I am very excited to see you all in Français IV avancé

    le 11-15 Jan 2021: While is was a difficult week for us all, it was great being back with the students. We are working on 5-2 and students have been doing well with the large list of vocabulary, the future tense and if and when statements. We will add the conditional tense on Monday and then continue to work with and review 5-2 and quiz on Wednesday or Thursday. We will be taking the chapter test the following week as well as doing our final writing. 

    le 4 - 8 Jan 2021! je vous souhaite une bonne nouvelle année! We are starting off the new year with our 2nd half of Unité 5. This is continue with vocabulary on vacations and traveling. Students will talk about futur plans, if when statements, the conditional and what would or could happen. We will be predicting the futur of our classmates! I sure the future holds some amazing things.

    le 14-22 déc: This week , we are presenting our projects on a francophone musician and beginning Unité 5. In this unit, we are going on vacation! Well in our minds and hearts at least! Students will be working with various forms of negatives and the expression ne... que meaning only. Towards the end of the week, we will be doing some research and presenting on holidays in december in francophone countries or a tradion from your family heritage. 

    Le 7-11 déc: As the holiday shopping surrounds us, students have learned the differences in shopping in France and where to go to have items repaired. Our grammar has been using pronouns in discussing these tasks. I am pleased at how hard students are working to make sure they understand the concepts. We will be doing a video commercial to display our knowledge of the chapter and our chapter test will be Wednesday. We will be reading about and doing a project on francophone musiciens. 

    Le 24 nov- 4 déc: Students are preparing for the Unit 4 -1 quiz on Tuesday of this week and next week, we will be working with Unit4-2. More work with pronouns, direct and indirect object pronouns as well as going to places like the hair dresser, shoe repair, dry cleaners and photographer. Students will be making a video as well. We will also be reading about the history of French music. 

    le 16- 20 nov: Monday we will be testing Unité 3 and finishing our Château projects. While presenting our projects during the rest of the week, we will be begin Unité 4. It is time to shop and learning about similaritie and differences between shopping in the US and francophone countries. We have different stores and lots of products to learn. We will be working with the use of pronouns as well.

    le 9-13 nov: As we finish our work with the passé composé and imparfait, reading stories and deciding whether to use PC or imp, we will add the passé simple. The Passé simple is used in literature. We will be quizzing 3-2 this week, working on some history and doing a project on a château!

    le 2 - 6 nov: Students have been working very hard on reviewing the formation and usage of Passé Composé and Imparfait. Now we are focusing on when to use one vs the other. I was very pleases at the hard work the students did analizing and taking notes on a story done asyncronisly on Wednesday Oct 28th. We will be finishing the first section of Unit 3 and quizzing on Wednesday Nov 4.

    le 26- 30 oct: We have started our 3rd Unit. Students are learning about nature, the environment, what to do and to avoid on vacations by the sea, the countryside and in the mountains. Our grammar is focused on the passé composé and the imparfait and when to use one or the other. Students will be using the grammar to create haunted stories at the end of the week. 

    le 19-23 oct: Students are doing very well talking about chores, asking for , giving , and refusing to help. We have covered the beginning workings of the subjonctive mood with various expressions that indicate the use of the subjunctive. Students have also become confident in the formation of the regular and some irregular verbs. We will be quizzing on Monday and testing on Wednesday. We will be reading a story and doing some early French history. 

    le 12- 16 oct: Last week we tested and finished up Unité 1, finished our projects on an artiste and got underway with our 2 unit. We will continue working with Unité 2, which has us talking about chores, household tasks, DYI projects and gardening. This is a great way to introduce and use the subjonctive mood. Students are really moving along with learning this and we will be quizzing on Tuesday

    le 29 sept- 2 oct: This week will be an interesting one. Students will be finishing their work in Unité 1 to prepare for next weeks test. Our grammar is the past tense of reflexive verbs, and idiomatic expressions with reflexive verbs. Our vocabulary and functional expressions have to do with feelings. While students are learning asyncronisly, they will be working on an introdution to Art and doing a reading and project on an impressionist artist.

    le 21-25 sept: We are well on our way in our first unit of describing ourselves and others. We are talking about daily care for ourselves using reflexive verbes and pronouns. Students have been working hard and taking online learning instruction instride. Students and teachers are trying to navigate the glitches together.

    le 14-18 sept: Our first week went fairly well as we are all new to this virtual learning. We have been reviewing and getting back into French mode. We are reviewing present tense as well as two past tenses ( passé composé and imparfait) We will be working on the different usages and telling stories next week as well as delving into our first unit about the importance of "look". We will even review some reading skills early in the week. Keep up the good communication and work


    Bienvenue à la classe de Français AP 2020 


    ;e 21- 27 Jan: How time flies! It seems like only recently I was meeting students for the first time, and yet it was either last year or the previous year. It has been great to watch you all grow and mature into fine young people. We will be writing our final on Friday and doing the speaking part on monday jan 25. It is time to show all that you know! Students are and will be finishing up their final project on an artist that will also be presented in the next few days. We will continue to work on our reading comprehension skills over the next week as well. I wish you all the best of luck next semester and beyond

    le 11-15 Jan 2021: We being our week with a grammar quiz and will work on AP practice tests while asyncronis on Tuesday. On Wednesday we will transition to our unit on beauty and asthetics. This past week students did a wonderful job of creating a video about themselves and writing a fairy tale about modern problems we face. Our writing portion of the final exam will be on Jan 22.

    le 4- 8 Jan 2021: Je vous souhaite une bonne nouvelle année! Our theme of family and family life and beliefs continue this new year. Students will be doing two projects. The first a video all about them and the second a "fairy tale" dealing with our vocabulary themes. We will finish our review of the future, conditional, and futur antérieur verb tenses. 


    le 14-22 déc: We are finishing our fourth unit and beginning the fifth unit. Our themes overlap ie relions from around the world, so it is a natural progression. Students will review the future, conditionnel, futur antérieur and si clauses for grammar and then will also be doing some research and presenting on holidays in december in francophone countries or a tradition from your family heritage.  


    le 7-11 déc: We have begun our Unit 4. This unit deals with immigration, assimilation, patriotism and more. I hope that students will be working on expressing their ideas and feelings in French. As reading comprehension and listening comprehension is one of the more difficult tasks, we are working on both those aspects with our reading and listenings dealing with these topics. Students will be researching and doing a newspaper project on a francophone country/ island. 

    le 24 nov- 4 déc: As we finish up with our 3rd Unit, we are focusing on various professions, reading and watching videos on cooking. Students will be reviewing vacation vocabulary for a writing assessment, using sports vocabulary for a speaking assessment. Our grammar focus remains on various verb tense formations and usage. Towards the end of next week, we will begin our 4th unit which deals with racism, immigration and cultural diversity. 


    le 16-20 nov: As we continue comtempory life, we are moving to sports and past times Students will be researching a presenting on a regional or ancient sport this week. We will be quizzing the difference in use of the passé composé and imparfait on Monday. We will be reviewing and working with the passé simple, the plus- que- parfait and participe présent as well. 



    le 9- 13 nov: Contempory life is our new Unit. We are talking, reading and writing about publicity and marketing. We will do some work with housing, and sports and past times. Our grammar review is on past verb tenses and we will be using fairy tales to chose the proper past tense for the verb. Students have been doing great work with their Show and Tell projects, where they speak for a minimum of 5 minutes on a topic of their choosing. No notes may be used, only pictures and props. It is enjoyable to watch students realize just how much they can do in French.



    le 2 - 6 nov: As we move towards the end of our work with Science and Technology, students are improving in their reading comprehension skills. We will be doing a persuasive essay, a conversational speaking and a grammaire test this week. We will then move into our next unit, contemporary life. Students will start with commercials, and publicity. 


    le 26-30 oct: We are still working with science and technology. Students are working with their car and computer vocabulary. In our grammar, we are reviewing interrogative, relative and direct object pronoms. Students will be doing readings, listenings, and compositions on this theme.


    le 19-23 oct: We finished our movie, Au Revoir les enfants. Students are writing an essay on the movie. In our work with our Science and Technology theme, we have been working with transportation vocabulary and readings. We are reading about traveling, a restaurant that prohibits cell phones, and more. Students have written e-mails to Airbus, and will also working on writing to a car company for information. 

    le 12- 16 oct: We have finished most of our work with gobal issues and will begin Science and Technology next week. The work left on the first unit is watching the aclaimed film Au Revoir les enfants. After a few technical difficulties, we seem to be finally able to enjoy and apprecaite such an amazing film. Students will be writing an essay on a chosen topic and finishing questions on Wednesday. 

    le 29 sept- 2 oct: Students are working in groups on a project concerning our global issue theme. While much of our class work has concerned the environment, students projects will be about racism, poverty, equality, doctors without boarders, COVID and other diseases. On Wednesday when the students are asyncronis, they will be doing an exam in our AP central class room. In class we will be working on the global issues of war, terrorist attacks and the like. We will be concluding our work in global issues by mid next week. 

    le 21-25 sept: The environment with its problems is a major topic. We will continue with energy sorces, and pollution next week. Students will start a project on global issues (not related to the environment, as we have done so much in class with this) Students will continue with video and listening activities and reading activities. In our verb maintenence, we have done the first group of verbs and will do the second next week.

    le 14-18 sept:  Great to see everyone, even if it is just your beautiful faces. So excited to be back with you. We spent some time this week getting back into français and also getting into the AP routine. We started our first unit about global challenges and have been talking and working with the environnement. We will continue this as well as reviewing and refining our grammar work on the subjunctive mood. Awesome start to the semester.