• Français III av le 2-6 mars. Students will be presenting Art projects done last week and we will review for and take the Unit 1 test on Tuesday. We will then begin working with past times and hobbies, which of course include chores and such. This will introduce the subjonctive mood both the formation and some of the usage. 

    Français IV Av le 2-6 mars: As we have finished our unit 5 and had our test, we will be moving on to different kinds of vacations and comparing hotels. We will read about le Guide Michelin and how it has helped many a traveller over the years. Towards the end of the week, we will start reading Le petit prince.


    Français III Av le 24-28 Fév: While finishing up our first Unit, we will be doing some readings and an Art project. Students will be reviewing the second section of Unité 1 and then we will quiz on Tuesday followed by our Mardi Gras celebration. We will then talk about the impressionists and their art movement. Students will work on a project and read a story about entertaining a young child. We will also be reviewing Unité 1 and will test Tuesday March 3.

    Français IV Av. le 24-28 Fév. This week we are finishing Unit 5, the futur vacations are planed. We will be testing on Wednesday, after reviewing and celelbrating Mardi Gras on Tuesday. The students will then learning some history and read an exerpt from Les misérables.



    Français III Av. le 18-21 Fév: We will be reviewing our work on physical description and taking care of ourselves on Tuesday and then we will quiz on Wednesday. Then we will start more work with daily routines and talking about them in the past tense. We will add our physical and mental conditions to the conversation. So we will be adding to our use of reflexiv verbes and use them in the past tense as well as adding some idiomatic expressions that use the reflexiv formation.

     Français IV Av. le 18-21 Fév: In planing our vacations we are going by plans and trains. We are reading about the efficiency of train travel thoughout Europe. Students will be learning the simple future tense, the conditional tense and working with expressions that make use of one or the other. We will be quizzing this on Friday and then planing to test all of material from Chp 5 on Wednesday Feb 25.

    Français III Avancé le 10-13 Fév:

    Impressive first week! Students are remembering their French. We have been reviewing and now are starting our first chapter on the importance of how one looks to teenagers in France and the US. Through this we will be using body parts, hair and eye color, clothing etc. We will be reviewing and using reflexive verbs to help us. Students read a story last week that we will be reviewing.

    Français IV Avancé le 10-13 Fév: 

    We remember French! very impressive. We have reviewed and started our first chapter on traveling. Our vocabulary taking a trip and what we need to get into a country and what we should bring. Our grammar focus is the negatives. We are reviewing on Monday and will have a quiz on Tuesday Feb 11. Staying with the travel theme, we will travel from train stations and airports and talk about futur trips we will take! 



    Français III Avancé le 3-7 Fév:

    Bienvenue à la classe de français. I am excited to meet all of the students. We will spend our first week together reaquainting each other with the French language, practicing and reviewing and genrally getting back to French

    Français IV Avancé le 3-7 Fév:

    Bienvenue à la classe de Français IV. I am excited to see all of you and get to know the students I did not have last year. Our week will begin with reaquainting ourselves with the French language. We will also get going quickly so that we can develop a routine and remember what we learned last year. Patience everyone, it does come back.








    Français III le 21-29 Jan 2020.

    We are finishing our semester! On Friday students did the writing portion of the finale exam. This week we are reviewing on Tuesday and testing our last chapter (5) on Wednesday. We will then be practicing and reviewing for the speaking portion of our final Friday Jan 24 by speed dating. Finally, we will do reading, listening practice and culture review games created by the students.

    Français AP le 21-29 Jan 2020.

    Sadly, we are ending of our time together. Most students are stepping out of their comfort zone with an art project in which they need to reproduce a copy of a famous artist. They will be presenting as the artist their work and all about the artists accomplishments as well. We have done the writing portion of the finale exam this past Thursday and will have the speaking section on Thursday Jan 23, followed by the final listening and reading sections along with a conversation “ avec Mme”


    Français III le 13-17 Jan: We quizzed our first section of Chp 5 on Friday and will now begin exploring extreme sports, giving directions, complain and give encouragement. We are also preparing for our finale exams. The writing portion will be Friday Jan 17. Students should review grammar and vocabulary for this portion of finale.

    Français AP le 13-17 Jan: We have started our final theme of Beauty and Asthetics. We begin with films and will move into Art, music, architecture and others. We are having our writting portion of the final exam on Thursday Jan 16.


    Français III le 6-10 Jan 2020

    Last week we began our exploration of l’amérique francophone. We are focusing on Canada, Louisiana and Haiti. Our chapter theme includes the flora and fauna of each area. Students will have lots of animal vocabulary. We will be able to express astonishment, fear, to forbid and to warn. Our grammar will continue with more subjunctive expressions and usage. We will quiz this section on Friday Jan 10.

    Français AP le 6-10 Jan 2020

    We are finishing our 5 theme of the course. Students have done a project about themselves discussing families, friends, past times, entertainment etc. They will be writing a fairy tale on a community problem and finding a solution. We will have a quiz on the grammar ( futur, future antérieur, si clauses and others clauses)on Thursday.  By weeks end we will begin our last theme of Beauty and Aesthetics.


    Français III le 2-3 Jan: I hope everyone is having / had a wonderful holiday and break. We will be beginning work with L'Amérique francophone and talking about some of the culture and history of Louisana, Canada and Haiti. We have animal and flora vocaulary and will continue working with the sujunctive mood.

    Français AP le 2-3 Jan : I hope everyone is having / had a wonderful holiday and break.We are continuing our work with family and community. Students will be starting a project about themselves and their families. Our grammar review of the futur antérieur, futur and conditionnel will continue with some focus on the si clauses.



    Français III le 16-20 Déc. 

    We have been working dilligently getting ready for our big chapter 4 test that will be on Tuesday. Students have been talking about friendships and family relationships. They have learned how to form and use the subjunctive mood. The speaking part of the test will be a group performance. We will be doing a reading that goes along with our Africaine theme. Students will be wraping "presents"and bring in a description about "the present". Who ever guesses what is in the package, will get it. Students are able to earn extra points this week by bringing in a holiday french treat made from scratch.

    Français AP le 16-20 Déc

    We tested our 4th theme on Friday and are beginning our work with contemporary life. We will be finishing our speaking part of the test the first part of class on Monday. We ended the 4th theme with some exploration of different religions and will begin chp 5 with religion and family. Students are able to earn extra points this week by bringing in a holiday french treat made from scratch.


    Français III le 9- 13 déc: Our discussions of friendship and love have been interesting. The reciprical verbes make these conversations work. We are not quizzing Section 1 and 2 as normal due to keystone testing, but students will have the chapter test on Tuesday Dec 17. Next week, we are delving into family relationships and what is necessary to do, our hopes, wishes and feelings for others. The subjuctive mood will help us accomplish this task as well as giving good and bad news. Students will also learn about Marocaine culture and changes in the family dynamics. 

    Français AP le 9-13 déc: Immigration, alienation, patriotism, religions... What makes us unique and different! We have talked about immigration and alienation and who has been accepted into our society having no bearing on their roots. We are now working on patriotism and students are making a newpaper about a francophone country including the national anthem's importance to its history, facts about the country, patriots from the county and monuments in the country. Next we will move on to different religions discussing similarities and differences. The test on this chapter will be next Friday. The testincludes  a listening, chart / picture and a reading from which the students will do an essay, and a speaking section. 

    Français III le 2-6 déc: 

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We have been working on relationships, telling about what is happening, asking for and giving advice. Students will also read about fairy tales and create a news report about it. Our cultural focus is on hospitality in Mali. 

    Français AP le 2-6 déc:

    I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends. We finished our unit on contemporary life. We are now moving into discussions on immigration, alienation, and assimilation. Our grammar focus will be on negatives. 


    Français III le 18- 26 nov:

    As we finish chapter 3, students should be able to recognize the passé simple, and form the plus- que parfait. They should be able to tell stories and relate historical franco- africaine history with the aide of story beginnings, transitional words and phrases and of course end a story or historical event. Students have used franco-africaine history in their grammar lessons, so we have a strong grasp of the events that transpired. We will be quizzing section 3-2 on monday and testing on Wednesday 20 november. We are taking a "field trip" to Maroco. We will begining our next chapter on love and friendships while interspercing the work with reading about fables, fairy tales and films.

     Français AP le 18-26 nov:

    While reviewing several past tense verb forms, we have been discussing contemporary life. Students made presentations on francophone sports or sporting events. We will be working on AP central practice exams that have to do with our current theme. The students will have an in class Examen on our third chapter Tuesday nov 26. 


    Français III le 11-15 nov:

    The week starts off with a quiz on Chp 3-1, our telling stories and recognizing the passé simple the literary tense. We will then learn to speak about history in the past tense and add the plu perfect to our repetoire. Students will recount historical events in franco- africaine history as well as our own history. We will quiz this section on Friday and then review for the test which is scheduled for the following week. Canvas is having a glitch with my assignments so currently the weeks assignments are soley in the calendar on Friday nov 15. The weeks assignments are listed there. 

    Français AP le 11-15 nov. 

    Contemporary life is our main focus. We will be discussing sports and past times. Students will research a francophone sporting event or sport to report to the class. We will quiz the usage of passé composé and imparfait on Tuesday, have our next verb quiz on Wednesday. Canvas is having a glitch with my assignments so currently the weeks assignments are soley in the calendar on Friday nov 15. The weeks assignments are listed there. 

    Français III le 4-8 nov:

    We have started telling fairy tales, and have written haunted stories for Halloween. We will put our stories into the passé simple, ournew verb form. We will also continue working with telling stories with our beginning middle and end of stories vocabulary. We will also talk about how adjectives have different meanings depending on it location. 

    Français AP le 4-8 nov:

    Students are finishing their presentations on a historical figure. We are reviewing all the past tenses, and working on publicticy and marketing vocabulary, readings and listenings. 



    Français III le 28 oct -1 nov:

    We have finished our work with Chp 2 the working world. Students read and presented on various cultural topics and we did some extra reading practice.Monday we start chapter 3. It starts off with some culture and history lessons on French speaking Africa. Students will know where the countries we will talk about are and know some cultural and historical facts. The bulk of chaper 3 is fairy tales and story telling. There is lots of fun vocabuarly and of course we will have to do a haunting story on Thursday.

    Français AP le 28 oct -1 nov.

    We are finishing up our lessons on Science and Technology. Students are practicing their testing via the AP site. We will have a grammar test on Tuesday. Students are also working on a project of a historical francophone to present as that person on Thursday for Halloween. The next theme is contemporary life which includes:La publicité et le Marketing, L’habitatio, Les Passe temps et les sport, Les Profession, Les Rite, Les Vacances and our grammar includes working with all the past verb tenses


    Français III le 21-25 oct. 

    We have finished our work with the work theme. Students have made phone conversations, written formal letters, learned the future as well as the conditional tenses. We are testing Chapitre 2 on Tuesday. The speaking section of the test will be a video in which they will be showing all that they have learned from chapter. That will be worked on Monday, Tuesday after finishing the test and possibly Wednesday. We will be reading an excerpt from Le Petit Prince and then students will be doing presentations on different readings. Life and work balance , the french school system, art, famous woman and inventors. 

    Français AP le 21-25 oct.

    As we wind down our work with Science and Technology, we will be working with AP materials in the AP class site as well as using reading, writings, listenings as well as a combination of them to practice for the AP test. Our grammar is pronouns. We have worked with interogative and demonstrative and will be working with personal, relative, and stress pronouns more next week. Students will be given a halloween / historical project towards the end of the week to work on for Halloween! 


    Français III le 14-18 oct.

    This past week, we spent a lot of time working on ways to use our resorces to study what we are learning. We have materials on cavas and on the text book site. Next week, we will be making phone calls for ask for interviews for potenial jobs and writing formal letters. In lieu of a formal quiz, we will be making a video of a phone call and writing a formal letter. Then we will prepare for our chapter test that will be the following week.

    Français AP le 14-18 oct.

    Technology a positive or negative? We have been exploring airplanes and trains, we will be working with cars and science discoveries. Our grammar is working with demonstative  and possessive adjective and pronouns. We will be beginning to work on interrogative and relative pronouns. 


    Français III le 7-11 oct

    The future is where we are focusing our attention. Students have learned formation or regular and irregular future verbs. We will continue to practice them text week. The vocabulary is on careers, expressions asking about the future. We are also working with feminine forms of nouns with careers. The verb conduire ( to drive) and other verbs that conjugate like it will be learned as well. On Friday, this will all be quizzed.


    Français AP : le 7-11 oct.-19

    We finished the acclaimed film Au Revoir les Enfant, and I cried for the 5th time… Students are working on questions and a paper due early next week. We have also started our second theme Science and Technology. Our vocabulary is concentrated on Airplanes and trains currently. Students will be reading articles and watching videos on airplanes, trains and other modes of transportation.


    Français III le 1-4 Oct :

    We finished chapter 1 last week and had our test on Friday. After reviewing the test on Tuesday, we will practice our listening and reading skills with some online activities. Our next chapter focuses on the working world. We will talk about future plans, make polite request for an interview / meeting, making phone calls. Students will have lots of different job vocabulary.

    Français V AP le 1-4 Oct. This week we are finishing our work with global issues and students will test on Wednesday Oct 2. The test will include listening, reading, writing, speaking and the subjunctive. We will also be finishing our film, Au Revoir les Enfants along with discussions and a composition on a choice of topics. Our next theme is Science and Technology, so we will begin our work with vocabulary and discussions.


    Français III le 23-27 Sept:

    We have had an active week and next week we will be putting it all together with a quiz and a test. We have reviewed and worked on the passé composé and the imparfait, two past tense forms in French. We will continue working with them next week, while talking about our fake and real vacations. We will quiz 1-2 on Wednesday and start to review for the test which will be on Sections 1 and 2 of the chapter. The Chapter test will be Friday. They will have listening, reading, grammar, writing and a speaking section on the test.

    Français  V AP le 23-27 sept. Students are finishing their project on global issues.  As we have done so much with the environment, they focused their efforts on other issues. Projects are due on Monday. In class we have moved to wars and conflicts with our vocabulary, reading, speaking and writing focus. Towards the end of the week, students will be starting to watch Au revoir les Enfants, a WWII classic film that takes place in a school in France.  We have two verb quizzes and a vocabulary quiz next week and we will be testing our knowledge and practice with global issues on Oct 2.


    Français III le 16-20 sept: We will begin our week quizzing chapter 1-1. This will include the vocabulary and the present tense verbs. Students have lists and formation of both regular conjugation and irregular verb conjugations. We will then begin our second section of chapter 1, which included vacation vocabulary and talking about vacations in the past tense. This week also included reading an article on necessary things for school and watching a video done by young francophones on motivation.

    Français AP: We are becoming well versed in the global issues pertaining to the environment, energy and pollution. We will be looking into war, immigration, poverty and diseases over the next week. Students are getting going on writing and speaking activities and will be doing some more listening activities as well. The will begin a research project that will become a video about global issues.


    Français III le 9-13 sept: It was a great week getting to know the students and getting them back into French mode. We started with lots of conversation about us, our vary. Our grammar will focus on present tense verbs and eventually move into past tense. 

    Français V AP le 9-13 sept: So good to see everyone and get back in the grouve! We spent the first two days on reacquainting ourselves with speaking french. We have also been learning the system of the AP class, the materials avalable to them and starting our first theme of Global challenges. While we are focusing on the environnement currently, we will be doing other challenges. Students are realizing they know lots of vocabulary from our extensive lists and are getting acquainted with our verb maintenance. We read two articles on pollution, will be listening to a pod cast on pollution and will then use the information to write an e-mail to the mayor of Paris on what needs to be done. We will be having conversations about what can be done through various actions and reading about an environmentally sound car wash. We will continue to focus on using the subjonctive mood vs the indicative mood. Vocabulary quiz on Tuesday and Verb quiz on Wednesday.


    Français III: Bienvenue à la classe de français III

    Français V AP: Bienvenue! j'ai hâté de vous revoir