The files below are for the trends in the periodic table assignment.  You will need to submit the word doc with graphs copied into it to my drop folder.
    In the excel file there are 8 tabs on the bottom.  The first tab titled “atomic mass” is an example of what students should eventually do with the other tabs in terms of entering data and creating graphs.  The last tab has the data for three of the six properties students will investigate.  Students should go to ptable.com to get the information for the other data.  Once all the data is entered, students create “scatter plot” graphs about the properties.  Graphs must include a title and axis titles.  These can be copied and pasted into the sections of word document.  Students should then research the definitions to each of the properties and type them in in your own words.  This process will likely take the entire block.
    Make sure to save the files to your student drive at the end of class.  The document should be the block number, then your last name and the letters PTE.  Example: 2BreishPTE
    Chapter 6 Review Packet: